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How to meditate for 5 minutes


How to meditate for 5 minutes

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How to meditate for 5 minutes


How to meditate everyday for 5 minutes Do it first thing when you wake up

Why ?
Well first get a good night sleep

Perfect time for meditation

Go to the toilet before. Do what you have to do. Go back to your bed or meditation area
You can place a cushion behind your back
Try to keep your back straight

Cross your legs

Put your hands together between your legs

You don’t need to be too strict with your posture and hands but you need to find the most relaxing position for you which does NOT mean going back to sleep.

We’re meditators not nazis

Close your eyes

Pay attention to the rising and falling of your stomach as you breathe in and out. Whatever happens you’ll always go back to following the rising and falling

Obviously other things will happen. No matter what happens you’ll just notice it and go back to the rising and falling

If it is a thought just say to yourself thinking.. if it is image just say to yourself seeing. If its a noise just say to yourself hearing.

You get the gist of it.
Do not let anybody fool you

When you begin that’s all you need to do

Be aware and be kind

Accept everything and know everything

You won’t be able to always be 100% aware sometimes you might be 1% aware

That’s when the kindness should kick in.
You are not trying to achieve anything in meditation.. just be aware.

To recap

Find a good position
Close your eyes
Relax your body
Rising and falling of the stomach Observe, note and let go

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