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About Us

Live a more inspired life

How to live a more inspired life ? Many of us are in a situation of dire survival - are searching for meaning in our lives. It is easy and almost convenient to fall back in a more nihilistic stance, saying to our ourselves : “What’s the point of all this anyway ?” We live. We get old. We die. Once you realise the transient, ephemeral and fragile nature of life. Once you realise that all your sensual pleasures, materialistic goals even though achieved are yet to make you feel fulfilled. Once you realise that getting what you want can actually be worst then getting what you want. Then what ? Nothing really outside of yourself can give you lasting fulfilment. Happiness is an inside of job. Life can feel really dull ? Right ? So how to put meaning in something so incredibly dull ?

First of all gratitude

We have to learn to say thank you for everything. And I do mean everything. “There is no good or bad situation only thinking make it so” Shakespeare Our perspective and expectation are the things that make us feel like shit or amazing. If you are a control freak and always picture life as going a certain way and more specifically your way. Your life is going to be terrible. If you live a life with lower expectations, or even no expectations yet you STILL spread love around and put kindness, effort and gratitude into each and every moment. Your life is going to be full of miracles. You’re going to be ecstatic most of the time. Let’s change the term gratitude with contentment because that is how I was brought up. Gratitude is maybe a word that carries with it too much expectations already. Am I right ? Contentment seems simpler more easy to reach. The Buddha said in his time, that contentment is the highest of wealth. The first day I arrived in the meditation centre, I had my opening ceremony to kickstart my meditation retreat. The abbott of the temple told me that they are a 3 things that human beings can never get enough of, in life. Drugs Sensual pleasure Sleep Drugs for obvious reasons your nervous system gets addicted and tolerates more and more of the drug. Sensual pleasure Well I don’t think we need to emphasise on this point. One needs only to look around and see that sensual cravings are trying to be satisfied by most at all times. In the Hindu and Buddhist cosmology it is said that during the Kali Yuga (the last of 4 ages, the darkest one.) That men and women will only be devoted to satisfying their bellies & genitals And sleep Well who here as never said slept and slept yet still feel exhausted. So contentment and also balance is needed. As we live in a society more and more individualistic where the I is king We tend to believe that the freedom to desire and the abundance of choices are the end-all, be-all but as I said just now there is no ending only and everlasting thirst that is unquenchable a hunger that is insatiable. The freedom to desire is not the freedom from desire The difference is the wording is subtle yet the real difference is huge There needs to be a balance a disciple in our desires and yearnings You can expect to just eat till your ass can’t get up the sofa. Or in sexual behaviours that will eventually hurt you and others.

Balance is needed

Moderation in everything is needed. We tend to live in the extremes too much. How much can you work till you fall flat on your face ? I use this example first because a lot of the problems in developed modern societies is due to stress and fatigue caused all too often by overworking. There is no badge of honour of not sleeping enough, of being busy all the time of working for 20 hours in a row. Very few of us can actually work that long and actually be efficient and productive. We don’t realise the value of rest, non action and simple decluttering of the mind. That’s how we become more productive and more creative in finding solutions. MODERATION There is a time for everything. That’s not an excuse to not work and put effort. When you have goals you need to be consistent and put in the time and effort to reach them but not at the cost of your family, your well-being and your health. This is good a example. I was always skinny growing up so when I finally decided, that enough was enough. I started working out, cleaning my diet to get bigger. To build muscle (naturally) you need to spend 30-45 minutes, 3 maybe 4 times a week working hard in the gym. That does not even amount to 4 hours. You know why ? Because the muscles are triggered and grow during your rest. That’s why sleep is so important for bodybuilders. Some will even recommend up to 10 hours per day. You get my point Are you exerting yourself too much ? We all could benefit from more rest. Consistency and efficient is more effective than great quantities of time of unproductive effort. A little bit everyday. Slow and steady wins the race.

Vision for your life

What do you want for your life ? When I ask most people they tend to be confused because their answers seems to be somewhat superficial. They will answer that they want a comfortable life, money and security or maybe they will say they want good family ties and good friendships. That’s all good and dandy but what I am really asking is what do they heart really yearn for ? Then they usually tell me the dreams they had at one point in their life but the reality of life. They will usually follow by saying that it was a long time ago and it was just a dream something that will only remain intangible and never to become concrete. What a sad thing right. All this wasted talent and potential because of lack of awareness, a lack of belief in ones own abilities. What if I were to tell you that achieving a vision is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. Why not ? That’s how we start everything. When you live a more self-actualising life. Your vision will become more and more clear. The only thing you need to do is slowly but surely walking in the direction on the path to your what you were meant to be and achieve for yourself and others in this life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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