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How to meditate for 5 minutes every day 282

  • Sebastien Grynko
 Do it first thing when you wake up Why ?
 Well, first get a good night sleep. Perfect time for meditation Go to the toilet before. Do what you have to do. Go back to your bed or meditation area
You can place a cushion behind your back
Try to keep your...

This too shall pass - Best mantra for life 13

  • Sebastien Grynko
Everything is transient. Nothing lasts forever. Do you guys remember Nelly Furtado’s song “All good things come to an end” Well, she was, almost, completely right. For good things, bad things, and neutral things all come to an end. Everything comes to an end. The laws of the universe, nature,...

The thank you technique - Joseph Murphy 41

  • Sebastien Grynko
In the Bible, Paul recommends that we make known our requests with praise and thanksgiving. Some extraordinary results follow this simple method of prayer. The thankful heart is always close to the creative forces of the universe, causing countless blessings to flow toward it by the law of reciprocal relationship,...

Memento Mori - Contemplation of death 37

  • Sebastien Grynko
Remember you will die. The stoics have this wonderful practice of reminding themselves of death constantly. The Buddhists also has a similar meditation called contemplation of death. As they say, the greatest teachers in life are old age, sickness, and death. I will keep it joyful and only talk about...

Meditation is not about control 5

  • Sebastien Grynko
The number one thing I hear about meditation is I tried meditation but I failed. You would be surprised how many times I heard those words. This is really revealing of the world we live in. Every time we start something, it always has to be measured in success and...

Loving & kindness meditation 20

  • Sebastien Grynko
  The first divine abiding (brahmavihara) is Loving & kindness (Metta). It’s the sublime quality and skill of benevolent love towards all living things. As rain does not discriminate when it falls so should you NOT, when practicing loving & kindness. Try it and sustain it as much as you...

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Sebastien Grynko

As a meditation teacher, a fitness & and muay thai fanatic/enthusiast with a taste for entrepreneurship. He decided to create a business which can combine all his passions and inspire people all over the world by helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to find their purpose, well-being and health to thrive and contribute to this world.

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