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How to fast


How to fast

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How to fast


How to fast ?

Duh!! It’s so simple you just stop eating ?

I could stop the video right now but I won’t because I am kind.

Attention please

Beware do not start fasting like a crazy mofo if you have never done this before.

Start with IF

Intermittent fasting

Eat within a smaller window of time.

For example eat all your meals during a 8 hours window and fast for the other 16 hours.

If you’re a beginner you can just cut out one meal. If you’re eating three meals a day just cut off breakfast or dinner. It will be easier and it will automatically make the eating windows 4-8 hours and the fasting window 16-20 hours.

Water fasting

Pretty self-explanatory

You don’t eat anything for a certain period of time. One day, two days all up to 15 or more days.

But you can binge on water.

Easy peasy

Dry fasting

Also pretty simple concept

No eating and no drinking for a certain period of time.

Word of caution

This is the toughest much more than the water fast

Do not start with this one if you have not prior experience.

You can do it anywhere from 36 hours up to 8 days.

Again ease into it. Practice if and water fasting first.

What are the benefits.

Well do it and see it for yourself.

What’s the point of me telling you. Every body is different.

I just want to say that we overindulge in food too much. Even poor people (not all of them) are fat.

Give your digestive system a rest and see for yourself how much stronger you actually are.

To recap

intermittent fasting

On a daily basis Eat within a window of time and fast during a longer window of time

Water fasting

Longer fast. No food just water 1-15 days

Dry fasting

No food and no water. 1-8 days

You can also do intermittent dry fasting

Only food and water during the eating phase and no food and water during the fasting phase.

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