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Are medias and entertainment corrupting our minds ?

“Tittytainment" was a term coined by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security advisor of US president Jimmy Carter, essentially to convey the thought that a mixture of "intoxicating entertainment and sufficient nourishment" can "tranquilize the frustrated minds of the globe's population."

Here’s another quote for you guys

“No leisure from pleasure”

~ A brave new work of Alders Huxley ~

One of the things that comes in abundance in our modern societies is entertainment.

One only has to look at the amount of tv shows to realise how much of it is available.

You could spend your whole life watching tv series and you would still have so much to watch by the time you are six feet under.

Don’t even get me started on porn. You would likely end up with a broken wrist or two! Medias are the other side of the same coin.

Medias trigger and implement fear into your psyche. Media corporations survive through their viewership.

Read Ryan Holiday’s book on media manipulation to know more.

Negative emotions such as fear and anger make people share and view more of the content.

Nobody gives a **** about so and so doing good or so and so making lives better of blablabla


Definitely not “news” worthy. It might put a smile on your face or even inspire you for a brief moment.

But the next thing you are going to discuss at the watercooler with your colleagues is Kim Kardashian millionth picture of her infamous butt cheeks and how arabs are really not nice people coz they behead people on camera.

On one hand, you have entertainment brainwashing you into ignorance and on the other hand, medias are scaring the **** out of you and making you infuriated.

As soon as you turn on the tv, all your prime instincts and worst emotions are being triggered. New bias and information or maybe even propaganda (dare I say ?) are knocking on your amygdala’s door.

I am not saying that there is a closed secret group of highly powerful people who are trying to manipulate the world at large. Keeping us dumb and ignorant when they are not having their bimonthly ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ parties where they fuck goats, sacrifice toddlers and defecate on young virgins. Even though there is some evidence to this claim.

But that’s not the point that I am trying to come across.

Laozi wrote that if you want to keep people happy and under your control, keep their bellies full and their brains empty.

In the Hindu cosmology, we refer to our current epoch as the Kali Yuga. The age of Kali.

The lesser of all ages where humans are supposedly at their worst. The hindus say that in this age, people will only think of satisfying their bellies and genitalia.

Sounds like a party right ?

So are we all made to be ignorant fucks ?

Maybe... Probably... Who knows ?

Is there some kind of invisible force at work here ?

Evil ? Well that’s what the monotheistic religions will have you believe.

The buddhist think there is no evil only ignorance.

And I tend to agree with that statement. There is no evil, only ignorance. By that, I mean the lack of wisdom and reason.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So when your ego gets going and got no reason to stop, then things can run wild.

The selfish egotistical desire of a few can make the world a much worse place.

But I digress...

Each and every one of us is not a victim of a system. We are all culprits to a lesser extent but we still are.

We chose to participe in the cultivation of our ignorance when we willingly overindulge in exposure to medias and entertainment.

We have to chose deliberately and carefully what we listen, what we hear and what we watch.

If your go-to song is “Bitch Please II “ by Eminem and you listen to this song repeatedly while watching s&m porn.. your views on women might be a little bit skewed.

Obviously, I am exaggerating.. but you get the point.

Your mind is malleable and it will be conditioned to what you expose it to frequently without you knowing it.

Medias might tell you that some celebrities in Tinsel town are suffering from a particular disease and those are the symptoms... Few months go by and you start to see more and more reports of this disease. That’s what happened with anorexia.

Don’t be naive. We are products of our environment. Expose yourself to more of the right things and do not overindulge in entertainment and all forms of media be it social or corporate.

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