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10 commandments of gaining mass


10 commandments of gaining mass

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10 commandments of gaining mass

-Thou shall not take the easy route

Steroids might make you bigger and leaner but they might also make your testicules shrink and turn your chest to boobs

-Thou shall be realistic about your goals

You will probably never look like Lebron James or Thor but you will look your best self

-Thou shall not be impatient

You won’t get ripped after 3 months. But you might after a 12 to 18 months

-Thou shall eat enough

If you want to get big you must eat big

-Thou should not get fat

Eating big is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. Eat just enough to get bigger.

-Thou shall use the right training
Don’t sweat it. Lift heavy and heavier a little bit over time. Find a good program and stick to it.

-Thou shall use proper technique
Learn the proper form and women will be warm from your form

-Thou shall sleep enough
Get your sleep on or forget about gains -Thou shall not covet another man’s body

Be happy and visualise your best self. Do not expect to get someone’s else body

-Thou shall keep a log
Write down everything you eat and everything you have lifted.

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