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Loving yourself is allowed and highly Recommend 0

  • Sebastien Grynko
What’s your first response when someone praises you or extolls your virtues. Do you respond by saying. Or it’s nothing. It’s nothing special. I don’t deserve it. Blablabla. But you did something wrong. You are supposed to feel guilty. Feel like shit about it. Be chastised for it. You should...

Hope is the expectation of what we can't see 0

  • Sebastien Grynko
Hope is the expectation of what we cannot see. It can empower individuals to pursue goals with the hope of achieving them. There will always be a brighter side for a person who hopes for what he aims to do and what he wants to become. Just take the example...

Believe 0

  • Sebastien Grynko
“Success is not a failure; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” --Winston Churchill Success requires you to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself motivates you to do all the tasks that you have on hand. Believing in yourself means not having a Plan B...

Make your own rules 0

  • Sebastien Grynko
“Be yourself; everyone is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde ______________________________________________________   Ask yourself who you want to be, not what you want to be. It’s your life, your rules, your choices. Sometimes, you have to learn to know yourself. Experiences shape you into the person you are today, but that...

Aim for excellence 0

  • Sebastien Grynko
  I always try to be excellent with what I do. I always aim high for everything that I do in life. This is inspiring especially when you wanted to convey that idea of excellence in your life.     Like most of us, the best of the best can...

About the Author

Sebastien Grynko

As a meditation teacher, a fitness & and muay thai fanatic/enthusiast with a taste for entrepreneurship. He decided to create a business which can combine all his passions and inspire people all over the world by helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to find their purpose, well-being and health to thrive and contribute to this world.

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