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Inspiration comes in words


Don't do drugs just meditate - Get high on life


Don't do drugs just meditate - Get high on life

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Don't do drugs just meditate - Get high on life

I am going to be completely honest. I have never done anything too extreme. I have smoked some weed and had my fair share of alcohol before I quit, 12 years ago.


However, I have had a lot of experience with meditation. Intoxicants have some positive effects. Nobody can deny it. There is a reason why they are so popular.


The temporary joy and happiness you feel is a great feeling. Unfortunately, it does come with a price and oftentimes drugs serve as an escape more so than a liberation.


Meditation takes some time and yes at the beginning it can be “hard” and “challenging”.


Not because meditation is hard in and of itself, but because the beginning phase of meditation is usually a time of “detox” for our fucked-up minds.


Also some us try to control too much and get somewhere, instead of just letting go. That being said, it will come a time where you reach a stage of peace and tranquillity.


That’s where the high starts.  A monk who used to be a layman said in one of his talks, that meditation is better than sex.


This monk is at a very advanced stage of meditation. I don’t consider myself at that stage yet and I have not felt an experience in meditation that is as pleasurable as some of the pleasures of the senses.


I will say that though. I am coming pretty close to that level. Meditation gives you an edge in life, a steady flow of joy and tranquillity.


For those of you who might think, that you just benefit from meditation when you are sitting in the lotus position.


I invite you to practice meditation every day for a month and see how your emotional life changes for the better.


Meditation will unlock avenues of joys and happiness you had never felt before. Not only that, sometimes during the day you will be overwhelmed by a warm feeling of love and appreciation.


It is really hard to describe with words but I can say with confidence that it makes you feel high but not on drugs, it makes you feel high on life.


It’s a beautiful feeling that pervades you. You feel contented and joyful beyond words, in that present moment. And the more and more you meditate, the more and more you will be able to sustain that feeling. If you like our content please check our videos below.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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As a meditation teacher, a fitness & and muay thai fanatic/enthusiast with a taste for entrepreneurship. He decided to create a business which can combine all his passions and inspire people all over the world by helping people physically, mentally and spiritually to find their purpose, well-being and health to thrive and contribute to this world.

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