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Inspiration comes in words


The way you look STILL matters !!


The way you look STILL matters !!

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The way you look STILL matters !!

How can you young men improve your looks, your health and perhaps your wealth?


For those who might be wondering, I am not being superficial and shallow.  I studied image consultancy when I was younger and I know it matters.


As I said in previous articles, looks matter up to a certain extent and like anything in life, it has its limitation.


Your appearance is not a determinant factor for you to be happy unless you let your physical appearance dictates your happiness.

Women have always been more of a beauty symbol than men and they will always be.  However, in our modern world today where it is “safe” and there are abundance, men are given the “luxury” to care for their looks.


We live with our time so why not take it to our advantage?


Your looks will say a lot about who you are without needing to open your mouth.  And if you are smart enough you will learn how to use it to your advantage.


One thing that I believe guys should  incorporate in their routine is some form of heavy lifting.  Many guys I help don’t like to go the gym.


They feel out of shape with all the fit guys there and they just don’t like it.  I truly do understand to a certain extent.  


It is preposterous how bodybuilding has become so prevalent these days and it seems that it has become more important than character building.


That being said, there are some incredible essential benefits you can reap from heavy lifting.  A lot of guys say that they prefer to do some sports like tennis, football, basketball and whatnot.


That’s cool too but I would strongly recommend to add some form of heavy lifting and you don’t even need to go to the gym.


Pull-ups, pushups, dips and body squats will get you in good shape or if you’re cool with the gym then a 5x5 workout 3 times a week will benefit you as well.


I’m talking about 30 minutes 3 times a week.  That’s 90 minutes out of your week for a lifetime of benefits. That’s well worth doing.


Why do men need to workout their muscles?


Men have more muscle mass because of our testosterone and often when people think of this male hormone, they have this derogatory image of yet another bad side of masculinity.


Well some of you might think so and you would be wrong.  Dead wrong.  Testosterone  is one of the most important thing to have in high levels for men for optimal health.


What happen when you have a high level of cortisol and low levels of T.  Your whole system deteriorates.  Your muscles atrophy and shrink.  You start gaining fat.  Your sleep suffers. 


Your erections are not there anymore and your girlfriend has found someone else not to see if the grass is greener but to see if the erections are harder.


And even though I am joking, it is still a very important issue for men.  Low testosterone is no joke. 


You take your muscles for granted, everywhere I go I see men who are fat, skinny fat or somewhere in between.  They are out of shape and it does not look good because it does not look healthy.


That’s what us human perceive as “looking good”.  Health is an indicator of attractiveness.  So be healthy and be fit.


You don’t need to do much to look healthy and dare I say sexy and why not?  Why not make an effort that will make you look good therefore healthy and perceived as attractive with or without clothes.


You don’t need to get crazy about it.  I’m all about the middle way.  Don’t take those steroids filled fitness models as examples. 


Those physical shapes for the most part are enhanced by chemicals, lighting, right angles and great photographic/graphic design skills.


Find out for yourself how you want to look and go for it. Workout and get your new healthier physical appearance.




When your erections are needed, they will be there for you and your better half.  Hard and strong.


What goes along with a workout regimen is a clean diet.  I don’t want to get into details because I have written whole articles and ebooks about that,  so if you have checked that already I will just say a few words.


Nutrition need not be difficult.  It needs to fit your lifestyle and your taste buds.  There are so many diets out there and they can all work for you.  In my opinion, you don’t need to be strict and deprive yourself of the foods you love.


Just keep it clean and consistent most of the time.  From time to time, you can enjoy yourself with some “bad” foods.


The most important is to have a lot of proteins in your diet and some good fats.  Play with the good carbs depending on how fat or skinny you are and where you want to be in the future.


If you are overweight,  you don’t need much carbs.  If you are skinny and workout pretty intensely and want to put some muscle well you need more carbs.


Now that you are eating right and your body is in shape.  You can cloak yourself with the proper attire.


Maybe some of you guys already know what kind of style you want but most of you guys don’t know.


In my humble opinion, your style should reflect your personality.  Why ?  Because you won’t feel comfortable otherwise.


If you have a style in mind go for it and if you don’t, I will give you some pointers and all of you can benefit.


Number one thing you should keep in mind is to find clothes that fit well.  I am not saying you should wear smaller clothes to look bigger.  Nope that’s just ridiculous.


The right fit will make you look fit and you will still be able to breathe.  Whether is a jean, a tshirt, a jacket or anything else, choose the right fit.  Too loose is not cool and too tight is just plain ridiculous.


Beware of the colors if you don’t know how to mix and match and are scared of a sartorial faux-pas, just stick with the basics.  Grey, black, white, brown and blue for jeans.  Just with these,  you will be able to play around and look good without looking off.


You will also need to know how to groom yourself.  Here again it’s all personal preferences and also genetics.


Facial hair are cool for men.  If you like to grow a beard, you can grow a heard. Just make sure to keep it trimmed and cleaned.


If you are not able to grow a beard.  Stubble is super cool.  Keep it around 4-5mm.  If you don’t have much facial hair you can keep it clean shaven.  Or you can keep some stubble around the mustache and the chin.  Still looks cool.


Make sure to wash your face.  Use some moisturiser.  You don’t want to be the guy with all the razor bumps and burns.


Now for the hair on your head.  If you don’t have any on the top.  Shaved it.  Jason Statham look is super cool ... bald with stubble.  If you regret your hair, get on propecia and/or get a hair transplant. 


For those with hair you have a lot of options and I won’t get into it because we all have different hair length, texture, color, movement, etc


I will just say this.  Find something that’s your style but also suitable for your hair type.  You won’t be able to get a Jackson 5 afro if you have hair like David Beckham.


That’s pretty much all I have to share with you guys today.  Caring about your looks need not be superficial but it is a good to present yourself to the world clean, fit and looking decent and neat in order to conquer it.


As you have read above, not much needs to be done.  Ninety minutes of heavy lifting per week.  A cleaner diet.  A new haircut and some new clothes and you will look completely different in a good way.


You might need to educate yourself more to be better versed in those areas  but if it’s not your thing. Just stick to the basics and if you want me to get deeper into a particular subject just let me know.

Guys if you like what you read. Scroll down and leave your email for better and more exclusive content. There is more to come. I will keep on adding more and more free content. Get your free ebooks and if it is not enough. You can hire me and let me help you to find the inspiration you lack in your life. Cheers

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