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Inspiration comes in words


Part 1


Part 1

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Part 1

In this first part we are going to talk about the appearance of a man. Women are known to be less visual than men. However it does not mean looks don’t matter.


They matter to a certain extent. And no matter where you are at. There is always something you can do to improve. Let’s start with the basic stuff. Remember to always go back to the fundamentals.


-1 Hygiene 


It’s a simple concept and you would think that everybody would adhere to this principle but you would be surprised even shocked.. You need to be clean. Take a shower a day at the very least. 


Wash your face. Wash your hair. And also wash that butt and obviously your genitals. No women want to go down on some dirty junk. Another thing that we men tend to forget is our dental hygiene. 


You need to take care of them pearly whites. Or they will deteriorate before you know it. And you will waste a lot of money and energy at the dentist. Scrape your tongue in the morning when you wake up. Brush your teeth every time you have a meal and last but most definitely not least FLOSS. 


If you want to keep your teeth clean and not lose your precious smile. You need to floss and floss some more.




Whether you have or don’t have hair. You need to learn how to optimise your facial features with a hairstyle. You don’t need to have any particular hairstyle that is too extravagant just keep it neat and clean.


Find a style that suits you the most. If your hair is thinning or there is little left on your scalp. Shave it off or get a transplant. Whatever feels better for you but don’t neglect your hair even if you don’t have much left. Keep it nice and trimmed and don’t forget the little hairs on the back of your neck.





A healthy and fit body goes a long way. You don’t need to do that much. You should be doing some form of resistance training a few times a week to keep your testosterone levels high and prevent your skin from sagging.


There is no need to look like a fitness model. Work on the v shape. Make your torso a little bit bigger, work on those glutes and keep that midsection relatively lean and tight and you will be good-to-go.




You can change a face with the right facial hair. Work with what you have. If you can grow a big beard and love this style. Just do it. If you can’t some studies and have shown that women prefer the stubble look anyway.


Which is very easy to maintain. You just need to trim your beard down to 3-5mm. If you really lack any hair on your face. Keep it clean shaven or go for a stubble goatee. Make sure it fits right with your face and hairstyle.


-Your style

 Choose clothes that fit. Not loose clothes that make you look like a toll. You will need to educate yourself a bit more but there is you will be able do to improve your overall look.


The most important things are size, the colours and the way you put everything together. Don’t go too crazy if it is not your type. Choose non colours black, white and grey.


Get a few pairs of jeans. Buy some nice white sneakers and a pair of work shoes. Buy a few sweatshirts and you will already be ahead of the curb. Keep it classy. Keep it simple. 


-Body language


Don’t slouch. Keep your shoulders and head up high. Do not walk too fast. Keep a nice pace and don’t walk like a duck. You don’t need to walk like a soldier but you need to keep it straight. Walk with confidence and decisiveness. Scroll down for more.

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