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Inspiration comes in words


Meditate and grow rich - Helene Hadsell won every contest she ever entered! (SPEC METHOD)


Meditate and grow rich - Helene Hadsell won every contest she ever entered! (SPEC METHOD)

Meditate and grow rich - Helene Hadsell won every contest she ever entered! (SPEC METHOD)

This is the method Helene invented and it is pretty straightforward. S stands for select it. P stands for project it. E stands for Expect it and C stands for collect it. Now let’s dissect it a bit more.

Select it is rather simple. One has to know what one desires. Sometimes it can be hard though. A lot of people are lost and confused when it comes to this.

Helene did not think twice when it came to her desire. She knew what she wanted and a lot of times, the desires of her family became her own as well.

She would ask one or more of her loved ones what they wanted and she would get it for them but to do so, she would have to make it her desire.

Your feelings show you what you want and what you don’t want. When you feel good, it is something that you want more of and when you don’t feel good, it is something you want less of.

You might not be able to put a finger on exactly what you want but with a bit of meditation and self-awareness, you will be more tuned in to what is your desire, your true desire.

One way you can go about it is through your feeling instead of searching for something you want, just go for the feeling. A lot of Abraham Hicks work is based on that premise. Ultimately whatever we want boils down to the feeling we will get once our wish is fulfilled, so why not start with conjuring up the feeling first.

People usually think that one should manifest a certain thing then feel good but if you feel good, to begin with, that’s where the magic happens and that’s your first manifestation: the feeling.

Once you take care of this, the rest will unfold naturally. Whether you know exactly what you want or not, at the very least you know that you want to feel good.

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