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The Greatest Law of attraction practitioner of all time : Helen Hadsell


The Greatest Law of attraction practitioner of all time : Helen Hadsell

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The Greatest Law of attraction practitioner of all time : Helen Hadsell


Helen Hadsell could arguably be anointed the greatest law of attraction practitioner of all time. When she was alive, she won countless contests, sweepstakes, lotteries.

Regardless of any adversity, competition or odds. She believed that the only competition she ever had was with herself. She started her journey after reading the best selling book by Norman Vincent Peale

“The power of positive thinking”. She read in this book that you can get anything you want. Provided you know what it is and see yourself as already having it.

Excited by that prospect, she asked her husband, who sat nearby and read a newspaper, what would he like to have. He pointed out the newspaper.

There was a Coca-Cola contest, the first price was an outboard motor which is something he wanted. She started visualizing her husband on a boat with the motor, she visualized him fishing and after some time she finally came upon this :

I’m a lone-wolf fisherman, and Cokes are my silent partners. They contribute no yakaty- yak, only enjoyment when called upon."

After mailing it off, she said to her husband: “I wonder, how long it’s going to take to let us know we won.” Two weeks later, a representative from Coca-Cola called and told her she had won the contest and the outboard motor.

At one point, she wanted to win a contest that allowed her to go on a trip to Paris with her husband. She was about to turn 40.

She had read that Paris was a city of light, love, and excitement. She started imagining herself spending her 40th birthday in Paris.

She said she wanted to be in Paris, France sitting at a sidewalk Cafe drinking wine” She started entering contests that were offering trips to Europe.

The 25 words she wrote for those contests were always the same : “I’m a pooped couple, with three kiddos,
And I’d like to go to Paris, France to recapture the rapture of Springtime ecstasy in my fat, forty frustrated years.

She won 3rd place in a contest that had a trip to Paris as the grand prize but she did not get the trip to Paris.

After that, she won tickets to Venice but she told the representative that she wanted to go to Paris. The first-class tickets were changed to Paris.

Shortly after, Helen and Pat left for France and she was there, on her 40th birthday, in a cafe on a sidewalk, drinking wine with her beloved husband.

At one point in her life, Helene wanted to meet Art Linkletter, who was a popular tv show host at that time. She was in line waiting to get to the studio where Art Linkletter show was filmed but she happened to be one of the last people in the queue.

Only a certain number of people were allowed because there was only so much room. The young man in charge of the seat allocation closed the door and said that there were no more seats for that show.

He started giving tickets for another show, to the people left out of the Art Linkletter show which included Helene. She told the young man that she did not want to go to another show.

She wanted to meet Art Linkletter. He said he was sorry, closed the door and all the other people went to the other studio.

Helene did not move, did not yield, did not budge. She stayed put. 10 minutes later, the young man came out again and was surprised to see her still waiting.

He asked her : “Are you still here ?” She responded by saying : “Well I am here to see Art Linkletter” He told her to wait and he checked if there any other seat available.

He found one seat but it was up in the balcony. He directed her up and she sat. All of sudden Art Linkletter came out and said :

“Today is our Christmas show and somebody in the audience is going to win a fabulous price”

He started looking around and said hi to a few people. After he walked around and pass a bunch of men and women, he stopped on Helene and asked her :

“Do I know you ?”

She said : “No I have never been here”

“Are you sure ?” asked Art Linkletter

She answered by saying that she had never been here before. 

Art took her hand and told her :

“Well you are the one who is going to win the grand prize”

He took her hand and gave her a USD1500 Lecoultre diamond watch. After that, she kept watching the show. During the break, Art Linkletter kept looking at Helene and asked her again “Don’t I know you ?

She did not have the heart to tell her that the night before she was sitting on her chair and said to herself :

Art Linkletter when you see me you will know me and I am going to be on your show. 

 She got it. She got the trip, the boat, the meeting with Art Linkletter and more so much more. The method she used is called S.P.E.C

 Helene knew what she wanted to have for her 40th birthday. She wanted to be in Paris and she was very precise about the location, who she would want to be with, what she would be doing and when she would be there.

When she wanted the outboard motor for her husband. She visualized him being happy, fishing in his boat with the outboard motor.

Helene won the third price in a contest but she did not win the trip to Paris which is what she wanted. She said that there is no failure, only delay in results. She waited and finally got her trip to Paris.

Once all 3 steps were done, Helene little more to do but to collect. She would herself in the situation where the manifestation was just at arm’s length.

When she wanted to meet Art Linkletter, there were no more seats available but she stayed and did not budge. She waited and collected.


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