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Meditate and grow rich - How visualisation helped Helene Hadsell win every contest she entered (SPEC METHOD)


Meditate and grow rich - How visualisation helped Helene Hadsell win every contest she entered (SPEC METHOD)

  • sebastien grynko
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Meditate and grow rich - How visualisation helped Helene Hadsell win every contest she entered (SPEC METHOD)

How to start the visualization? First and foremost, you need to understand that visualization is not something that you need to do perfectly and it is something you can improve over time.

Don’t put pressure on it. If you miss a day you won’t f*** it up. You only need to impress on the subconscious mind once to plant the seed of your manifestation.

The visualization has to feel real to you once and when you played it enough times to impress it on your mind. It’s done.

Frequency and time restrictions don’t matter much. You don’t want to add limiting beliefs to your manifestation techniques.

When you are visualizing it until it feels real to you then you can drop it. You can keep doing it for the fun of it, not because of some limiting belief. Remember, you have to be at ease. It’s supposed to be fun, not forced.

Don’t visualize if you’re feeling too negative or overwhelmed unless the visualization in itself makes you calmer and feel better.

Before you visualize you want to meditate and make your mind as still as you possibly can. It is better to do this when you wake up or before going to sleep or both.

At first, you will try to control, thoughts, sensations, feelings, visions come and go into your mind. You are trying so hard to empty your mind yet it becomes more and more restless. You push harder and now you got a headache; You are drained and want to give up then something magical happens.

 You give in, you accept and you let go. You breathe in and breathe out while following the continuous rise and fall of your stomach and just catching and releasing with your awareness, all the things coming in your mind and always reverting back to the rising and falling of your stomach.

All of sudden the restlessness is lessened, fewer thoughts are coming in, your body feels lighter and slowly but most definitely surely, your mind is getting emptier. Now your breath is swift and smooth. Meditation becomes effortless.

Now you are happy and contented with this moment. Now you feel at peace. Now is the best time to focus on your visualization. Don’t worry about if you are peaceful and still enough. You don’t need to be blissed out of your skulls to do some visualization, just still enough where there is nothing much distracting you and little, to no negativity.

At this point and if you are new to the visualization you want to picture a screen. On that screen, you will picture only one object at a time. That’s what Jose Silva recommends in his book the Silva Method.

First, you might want to picture something very familiar like an apple or an orange. Each time you visualize you want to stick with one image. Focus on making it more and more real to you each time you visualize, make it in real color, and in full details.

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  • sebastien grynko
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