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Inspiration comes in words





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Lower your f**** expectations but not your inspiration.  New year resolutions can be made everyday.


Some are bitter about what they have not achieved, others might have filled their last days of the year with inspiration to change this upcoming new year.


Some of you probably have broken some of the resolutions you have made a week ago and have given up on yourselves once again.


New year resolution(s) is just a bunch of bullshit.  You don’t need any particular time of the year to commit to a new habit, you want to adopt.




As we get closer to the new year. You start to commit (in your mind) to a new habit that is transformative, however, you choose to overindulge in its counterpart while waiting for the new year.  


After all, you are going to rid yourself of this habit "forever" so why not binge on food ?  Why not drink your body weight’s worth of alcohol ?  Why not smoke more ?  You get the gist of what I am saying.


New year then comes along. What happens ?  Your new life changing habit is not as easy to stay committed to, as you previously thought.


Oooooo cheating is so tempting. Why not ?  Why so serious ? Your mind starts testing your resolve ? Hmmmm this chocolate seems so delicious...

Your friend is smoking next to you and the smell of tobacco brings you back to the feeling of relaxation, you can get after a few puffs.

A beer won’t kill you. You have been sober for all of 72 hours. Why not reward yourself ? We all know what happens next. You succumbed to the temptation. And because you feel like shit you might as well overindulge at this point.


Then you decide to re-commit next year or if you ever re-commit at all. I am obviously exaggerating but I am sure a lot of you can relate to this.


You need not wait for any given time to commit to a new habit.  Everyday when you wake up, you can commit or re-commit.


It is new year resolution everyday.  You know why?  Because you are going to drop the ball.  Everybody  does. 




The problem is that you have put so much hope for this new year BS that after falling off the bandwagon, you decided that enough is enough.


Your expectations were too high. You need to lower them. You tried willpower, it did not work. You need to find the inspiration for you to keep going.


Find your incentive to change and picture the alternative of failing. The better and bigger the incentives are. The more you’ll be inspired.  The worse and undesirable the alternative of falling back is, the more you will not want to revert back to this state.


Visualise your future self and being the person you want to be with all the incentives and newly gained benefits.


See what will happen if you give up.  People give up because reverting back to their old lesser self is not that bad after all. Or at least that’s what they think.


Brainwash yourself but keep in mind that you’re going to fail. Some days are harder than others. The good news is that every time you wake up. You can re-commit. 


And when you do. The past is erased. Don’t dwell there. Persistence and consistency in your vision will help you on the path.


No matter how many times you drop the ball, you’re a success if you wake up and re-commit. 


Every time you do so, the new image of your higher self is reinforced and the mind will just accept that new you.


When you begin, don’t put unnecessary  pressure on your shoulders. Whatever goals you want to achieve, break it down to smaller easy steps and go at it with ease and tranquillity.


You want to quit smoking ? And you have been smoking 2 packs a day for 30 years.  Why not just smoke one pack a day for a week ?  Then keep on reducing your intake till this habit is alleviated altogether and you are no longer a smoker.


Same goes for diet. Don’t go from a diet full of junk, to eating a vegan, all green diet. Why not eliminate a meal per day ?  Why not replace the french fries with a smoothie ?


 If you have never been to the gym before in your life, don’t go there and try to replicate what the regulars are doing. You’ll get f**** up.


Go there. Educate yourself.  Try 10-15 minutes of working out.  Take incremental steps from there. The value of small incremental steps over time is underestimated.  Reward yourself with every “win”. 


Forget about past failures and setbacks.  Whatever you managed to achieve and regardless of how small a step is, note it.


Praise yourself for having done that much.  This matters.  We live in a society which make us feel guilty and ashamed every time we do something bad.  

On the other hand,  we have been taken ourselves for granted and are made to be obsequiously humble every time we do something good.


F*** that.


Every time you praise yourself for doing good, you do not become big headed you become big hearted.


So for this new year, I wish you to have the inspiration to be kinder to yourself and hope you will see that whatever you want to achieve, you have the potential to do so.


Keep your head in the game.  Everyday is a new year.  You only fail when you give up.  Inspiration will keep you on track.  Lower your expectations.  Be consistent and kind.  Remember that re-committing is all you have to do to stay on the path.


Happy New Year

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