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Inspiration comes in words


Compassion - The second sublime quality


Compassion - The second sublime quality

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Compassion - The second sublime quality

The second divine abiding (brahmavihara) is compassion (karuna). The sublime quality and skill of feeling love and understanding for those who suffer,  without any discrimination.


You don’t need to suffer with them. If you can help then help, but first and foremost compassion is the feeling of warmth and care for those who suffer.

As a mother feels compassion for her sick son so should you for all beings who suffer. I have come to realise in my lifetime that all human beings are deserving of compassion.


You could be furious at someone but once you get to know where they come from and what they have been through. Your heart starts feeling with care and understanding.


Some of you might be adamant but when you practice compassion for others, all others and yourself... You will start to understand that life is not always easy and some things are hard to overcome. Look into your heart with kindness.


 See some of the darkness and delusion you have inside. Some things are hard to accept. You might even repress but it is still there. Embrace yourself and find solace in your compassion. This is not a one and done deal. You need to be patient.


Some of your suffering might last a lifetime or even a few lifetime but compassion gives you an understanding and a clarity. Once you apply this to yourself, you will able to be humble and more caring towards other beings because remember, we are all in this together.



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