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Inspiration comes in words


Be Grateful Fool!


Be Grateful Fool!

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Be Grateful Fool!

If you wake up in the morning and none of your family members and closed ones are dead. Count yourself lucky, very lucky..


We are all subject to death and sickness. Whether we like it or not. its gonna happen. It's just a question of when not if.


Every time a new day starts for you. Thousands of people have past away during your REM sleep.  Some of them in very dire situations. So don’t take it for granted. Life is fleeting and anything can happen at any given time.


I was listening to Sadhguru once and he said thatwe have to remind ourselves every now and then during the day that we are alive and breathing. Contemplate on the immensity of something as simple as breathing.


The way the body is keeping you alive and healthy. The complex mechanism that is always trying its best to survive and keep you alive even when you don’t try.


Another person who mentioned gratitude is Jordan Peterson in two different ways. In our modern societies everything is so interdependent in order to function. It would only take a few glitches to shut down everything.


Electricity, water, communication, internet... Those things need people to make sure everything is working well at all times. Another way he mentioned gratitude is the horrors and tortures some people are living as we live our lives peacefully.


Being in a war torn country is no walk in the park. Security and safety is something not to be overlooked and definitely not to be taken for granted.If you are heathy, living in a modern society that is safe, secure and where most of the things you need are in abundance. You are one in a few, in our known history.


There are of course, things we can criticise and things we could change to make modern societies more human and more sane but there are also so many things that make our lives so easy, convenient and enjoyable. (Maybe too much).


It puts thing into perspective. We are not surviving. We are trying to live better lives. Our struggles are mostly mental. If this girl rejects you or you can’t get a boyfriend. You can make yourself more attractive. Find ways and strategies to get to what you want.


If you fail in business, in your career. You can always bounce back. If your health and relationships are failing you can take some time off to find solutions to your problems and jump back on the bandwagon.



grateful 4


That brings me to my point, one thing we really need to be grateful for is the mere ability and opportunity to be able to improve our lives and to live our lives to their fullest.


We have so much technology, information and expertise that if we can just spend some time and be a little more discipline we would level up so fast and so easily. Gratitude is not only here to make you feel good. And if you do practice it will make your life happier and It will also give you some damn perspective.


Yes there is little we have control over and yes in the grand scheme of things there is not much we have power over. But the little we can control is enough to change ourselves and even the world.


It all starts with gratitude. Get this warm fuzzy feeling going through your heart. Start being grateful for the things that resonates with you. Don’t just say I am grateful for this and that without caring.


Find things that actually make your body tingle and shiver with emotions of love and gratitude. Once you are familiar with the emotions and know how cultivate it then perspective will widen and you can learn to shine gratitude on the things that are seemingly “bad” in your life.



grateful 3



Everything bothering you. Everything that is making you suffer is your teacher. The best teacher you will get. Accept the lessons and the teaching it can impart.


Growing pains. Learn to accept and to embrace them for they are the greatest lessons you will get. The humility, the kindness and the wisdom you will get from those hard times are your most priceless possessions.


Those that really matter at the end of the day. We all want a life devoid of suffering but what can we really learn if everything is always going our way ? When you start being more grateful and more positive you will have more to be grateful about and tend to have less to “complain” about...



grateful 2


Look deep and see in yourself and in life the miracles you take for granted. Feel how extraordinary life is. Feel the powerful emotions of love, kindness and compassion you can muster.


We all need better perspectives on life so be grateful fool.

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