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Inspiration comes in words


Will Smith & the law of attraction


Will Smith & the law of attraction

  • sebastien grynko
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Will Smith & the law of attraction

Will Smith is a great practitioner of the law of attraction. His relentless belief in himself led to all kinds of highs and also lows.


In one of his videos, he said that one thing that people tend to forget, on this journey we called life, is that failure is inevitable.

It’s not something that is optional. It’s something that is bound to happen. Will Smith said in this same video, that successful people fail more than others because they simply try more.

When we begin and are full of enthusiasm and naivety, we tend to think that whatever we try must succeed rapidly.

We must always believe that something will come out of our attempts. However, we need not be deterred when the pictures of our current reality and outcome do not fit the ones we have fabricated in our imagination.

The universe works in mysterious ways. What you see as a failure is not necessarily one unless you are hell-bent on making it so, which I would strongly advise against.

Neville Goddard said that a bridge of events will lead to the manifestation of your desires therefore failure does not exist. 

“There is no good or bad only thinking make it so.” Shakespeare 

The only thing that is happening, when we stumbled upon an undesired event, is that we think that the goal we want to achieve should unfold in a certain way, hence our dissatisfaction.

We foolishly believe that we have complete control when actually, we don’t, and we relinquish that little control we have when we can actually do something.


That control is the one we have over our attitude and our perception and our imagination.

Kobe Bryant said in one of his interviews, that failure does not exist. It implies that there is an ending. When you attempt something and it does not work out, you can always try again till it works.

“You can “fail” over and over again. There will ALWAYS be another chance. Doors keep opening.”

_Jim Carrey_

Each “failure” is planting the seed of future success as Napoleon Hill would say. That seed needs to be watered and nurtured consistently with the discipline of effort and perseverance.

You need to keep going on and moving forward. Re-interpret “bad” events in a positive light, re-affirm your affirmations, do not react negatively to an event or a situation.

Thinking that an event is negative is arrogant on our part be- cause there is no way for us to know that. The universe is so vast and complex.

Our bodies alone need millions of things to work simultaneously for us to even be alive. The same goes for life and manifestations, the only thing we need to do and can do, tip the scale.


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  • sebastien grynko
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