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Inspiration comes in words


What makes a man attracted to a woman


What makes a man attracted to a woman

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What makes a man attracted to a woman

        Obviously we are all different and we all have different taste. However there are some universals that are usually held as attractive for most men because a woman attractiveness is based on her youth, health and fertility 



#1 A wider waist to hips ratio


Though it is something we are not actually aware of. This ratio matters because it is a n apparent sign of fertility. A ratio of 7 : 10 is supposed to be a particular good one. That’s why men are are so attracted to nice butts.

#2 Boobs 

 Obviously that is a very important one. And it will come as no surprise. However most women would think that men are the most attracted to bigger boobs and although there is some truth to it.


Men actually prefer average size boobs. They don’t like the breast to be too big or too small. I would add to this. On top of what I wrote above. What matters most are the proportions.


The harmony of how the boobs fit with the rest of the body matters just as much as the size of the boobs.

#3 Facial features


This can apply to both men and women but it is not something that is so easy to evaluate. When we find a face attractive it is not something we necessarily have an understanding of.


We can point out to facial features we love about a face but we don’t analyze it when we first see it. We just like it. Nonetheless I will give you a few pointers as to what makes a (women) face attractive. 


Symmetry matters but not perfect symmetry. Faces that are very symmetrical have been showed to be more attractive. However faces that are perfectly symmetrical have been showed to be odd looking. 


Obviously there are no perfectly symmetrical faces but those were the studies conducted. Facial proportions matters just as much. 1 mm can change your face from ugly to top model. That’s why plastic surgery such as nose jobs can change your face entirely for the better or the worst.

Lips are one of the most important facial assets of a woman’s face. Full lips are seen as very attractive and as a very sensual attribute. This is why the duck faces selfies and lipsticks are so popular.


Following the lips is the smile. How many men have swooned as soon as a pretty girl flashed a smile in their direction. A real smile all up to the eyes with a beautiful set of pearly whites will make a man melt 


#4 Skin


Probably not one that is talked about as much as it should be by men. Women know exactly what I am talking about or else the skincare industry would not be worth billions. 


Skin is the largest organ of our body and it is also the greatest sign of health and vitality or lack there of. The facial skin needs to be vibrant and glowing for a men to find attractive. The skin of the rest of the body is attractive when it is smooth, soft and supple.

#5 The scent of a women 


Oh how hard it is to resist a woman with a good perfume. As soon as we get next to you. The way you smells propels us to another heavenly realm.


#6 The hair


The hair is the essence of a woman’s femininity and beauty. It will make a whole lot of difference in the way men perceive a women as attractive or not.

That’s quite a list I just wrote and I hope women won’t despair too much if they do not necessarily have the “ideal” features to deem themselves attractive. 


I do believe that all women are attractive in their feminine essence and in their effort to take care of the way their look. Although it is impossible to be “perfect” physically because we are born the way we are.


A women can always emphasise her looks. The most important thing is to take care of her health. Which implies having a good diet. Sleeping enough. Having some form of training regimen and having ways to cope or alleviate stress. Limiting sugar, alcohol and smoking is a must.


All those things lead to one thing that is incredibly attractive happiness. Once you have taken care of that part. You already have a leg up. Now you can take care of your skin, your hair, your perfumes, your cosmetics, your style of clothing, etc..


And when it comes to all that self-care. Do not over complicate things. Simple and nature are very attractive traits. A bit of lipstick and a bit of mascara goes a long way. Men are not big fans of too much makeup. 


You don’t need to hide yourself behind your foundation. You are beautiful. All women should be made to feel beautiful because all women are beautiful when they embrace their femininity. Scroll down for more.

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