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Inspiration comes in words


Unrealistic expectations set for women 


Unrealistic expectations set for women 

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Unrealistic expectations set for women 

      I am a modern man so I know all too well the red pill movement, the mgtow movement and all similar trending male groups.. In recent years it is pretty easy to fall into the trap of women bashing as a man. It’s an undeniable fact that when it comes to modern society women have had it good for the last 20-30 years.

Feminism has given women opportunities that their contemporaries would have never dreamed of. Women are sexually liberated. Make their own money and are able to have greatly enhanced material lives through their own labour.

It has also made them more demanding in the bedroom and in life. In times where all seems to be going well for women. Why are they so many women not being fulfilled by life and men ?

This is not an article for women this is more of an article for men who fall too easily in the trap of misogyny. I totally understand and it is a very tempting “snare” but I think we would all be better off understanding each other instead of slandering one another.

Jordan Peterson says it pretty clearly. “Women have more complicated lives”. If you have read the book the Female Brain. You will know exactly what I am talking about.

The hormones have such a significant effect on a woman’s brain and her behaviour throughout life. Women of the West and women of the East are to a certain extent completely different. Like night and day.


Modern women have been raised in a feminist society. Since childbirth they have raised to be independent and career oriented. Which often leads to a harsh wake up call later in their late 20s. In countries who still adhere to more traditional values such as Russia, Ukraine and countries in Asia and the Middle East. 


Women have to adapt to the realities of modern life. And they are not necessarily as well equipped to face modern society life as their sisters from the West. Those women do put in effort but they would rather and they also expect to find men who will be a rock for them.

This is not to say that they are in the wrong or in the right. It is just an assessment of a situation. Women have to rely a lot more on their youth and on their beauty to find a man.

The problem with this is that both expire pretty quickly especially nowadays when the beauty ideals are so out of reach. 16 year old teenage girls are placated on billboards. And 18 year old female models are almost considered old in the elite fashion realms.

A woman’s prime will likely not even last as a long as an elite athlete’s prime. They also need to consider the fact that having babies is a race against time. A uterus is very impatient and very unforgiving.

A career will not so easily blossomed when you are looking to date and eventually settle down. You need to stay in shape. Look younger than your age and appeal to the few men who actually meet your criteria and are actually willing to get married.

Slim pickings. All this time, energy and money invested in a depreciating product to find a product that is appreciating over time. I know I am been crude but I am making a point. 

A woman is valued on her youth, beauty and her ability to bear children. A man is valued on his strength, character, resolve and his ability to provide. A woman’s value will undoubtedly and eventually plummet whereas a man’s value can always increase.

That is where it is really unfair for women. It is what it is though. Society wants you to focus on your career but you also need to think about the future and most women want to have a family.

The problem in our modern society is that the divorce courts are overly in favor of women. Men are forsaking marriage altogether. Whether there are top providers or bottom providers.


The lower tier will not want to risk the little they have and won’t have a lot of offers from women anyhow. The top tier of men will have a large pool to pick from due to women’s hypergamous nature.

However those men will not want to settle down. Why should they ? They have a plethora of women to date and little risk. I am saying this to my fellow men. Women have it harder then you think. 

I just read that women are choosing to subject themselves to surgery in order to change their bodies and their vaginas due to the unrealistic beauty standards of the porn industry.

If it was not hard enough already. Now women have to save money to get watermelons instead of breast and pimped out vaginas to apparently appeal to men’s fantasies.

Men have it hard too but it’s way too easy to point fingers. We should 
 work together to find a better way to relate to one another. Scroll down for more

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