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Truthfulness one more perfection you need to develop in order to reach enlightenment


Truthfulness one more perfection you need to develop in order to reach enlightenment

  • sebastien grynko
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Truthfulness one more perfection you need to develop in order to reach enlightenment


In one way or another, we are all seeking that truth, that purpose, that meaning of life.. Some people waste their time and energy searching for too much knowledge, too many answers, to things that don’t matter much, in the grand scheme of things.

The Buddha was once in the forest with an assembly of monks. He took a handful of leaves and asked the other monks :


Is there more leaves in my hand or in the forest ? The monks paused and gave the obvious answer :

The amount of leaves in your hand can’t even be compared to the amount of leaves in the forest. The Buddha smiled and said :

That’s right monks. The handful of leaves I hold in my hand is equivalent to all that I am teaching you. The rest of the leaves is all I know. This is all you need in this life to reach enlightenment. The rest does not matter.

In the West we spend some much time trying to know it all. Being curious is not necessarily a bad thing but is it an ego quest to search for more gratification or is it a quest for the Graal, the real truth ?

The one that will benefit us and others.  The truth that will set us free. So many of us, are running in circles, lost in the mist, not knowing what to do, living seemingly meaningless lives.

We all need to find our own truth. The truth of our hearts and minds. There is no need to follow anybody’s else path, but your own. Yes the teachings of the Buddha and the other spiritualities matter, but they only point the way. The rest is for us to walk the path.

We need to be in-tune and align with our inner beings. We need to quiet our minds, declutter and let go. Slowly but most definitely surely, we can finally get in touch with that truth. With our calling, with our purpose, with our heart..!

After that, we need to embrace it, to shine through it. Be our own authentic self and not be afraid of it. The truth is there. Our hearts are always whispering to us. Helping us make better choices and care for ourselves.

Learn to listen to those soft words and learn to follow them to the next sign post. Truthfulness is like having a constant conversation with a great friend. And that friend is you. Enjoy it.

Once you start seeing the truth in yourself, you will see the truth of life. Through that clarity you won’t be able to help being truthful to yourself and to others and that is something we should and we can all aspire to.


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  • sebastien grynko
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