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Inspiration comes in words


This too will pass


This too will pass

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This too will pass

This too will pass

Anything and everything will come to pass. The suffering you feel. The joy you feel.

Nelly Furtado sang “all good things come to an end” but actually she should have sang “all things come to an end”

Every elements of life are constantly changing, moving, decaying, reborn..

They say “no man can swim in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man”

Everything is transient and ephemeral. Nothing last forever and we need to keep this in mind.

During good, bad and in-between times, this too will pass should be our m.o. If you have a sickness you will get better or you will die but you won’t stay sick forever.

If you are in a relationship good or bad. It will end because of death or breakup but it will end.

If you are young. You will get old. If you’re healthy, you will get sick. If you have a successful year. You will have moments that are tougher.

What goes around comes around. Life has cycles, like a country has seasons. We need to understand that what is today need not be tomorrow.

Once we understand this we can put more effort to make the good periods last longer and enjoy them more. Knowing that it will come to pass.

We also make the “bad” times shorter and understand. It is normal to go through times that are harsher, colder and tougher but it will not last.

Once we understand that this will pass and everything will pass. We can truly enjoy the moment and be grateful because nothing last forever.

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