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Inspiration comes in words


The lazy way to visualise


The lazy way to visualise

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The lazy way to visualise

Visualisation has a lot of benefits but it can be seen as a drag and kind of unnecessary.
 I can attest to the first part, but it is not useless and can really be empowering.

I would not claim it as a miracle. Some people believe, it can literally manifest a new life, just by using visualisation.
 I do not adhere to this type of thinking. However I would say that sometimes it is pretty damn close to magic.

I believe that visualisation is a great way to rewire your brain and also a great practice to make some new beliefs and patterns sink in your brain/mind.
 A lot of athletes use visualisation to get to their final outcome and I think we can also use it the way those sportsman do.

What they usually do is visualise an action over and over till it’s perfected in the mind. What I like about the athlete way of visualising is that they will visualise, but they will obviously train a lot as well.

One feeds into the other. That’s is exactly how and what we should practice. We should both visualise and take actions.
 I know some of you have troubles just going to the gym. Why don’t you just start by seeing yourself walking to the gym.

I am not joking. If you have an issue with just going to the gym. Picture yourself walking there with a smile on your face and when you get more familiar.

Picture yourself in the gym with your workout gear doing some exercises.If you have an issue with your diet. Picture yourself eating the right food. 

Imagine how you would feel when eating the foods that are better suited for your health.


You can imagine, visualise anything you want to have in your life. It need not be sophisticated. It can be simple.

You don’t need to see yourself as a ripped multimillionaire from the jump.

You can adapt your vision to the small steps you want to take in order to make your life better.
 You need to bring up emotions when you do it.Visualise as clearly as you possibly can.

It should bring a smile onto your face.
 It should be as vivid as possible. It’s pretty much a daydreaming practice but with a commitment to actually going for it in reality.

The best moment to do it is in the morning when you wake up. I usually do it before I meditate.
 Here is the lazy part. You don’t need to do it more than 5 minutes. You can do it a few times per day to really let it sink in. It is not a drag at all.

Imagining what you want, should make you happy and draw a smile on your face. 
 If it is doesn’t. Maybe that’s not what you really want.

Imagine the way you would do it. The way it will make you feel. Imagine all the details . Let the emotions overwhelm you if they come. You can even listen to some empowering music while you do it.


You are creating a new life for yourself. And it starts with a vision. It should be fun. So enjoy it.

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