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Inspiration comes in words


Prosperity affirmations by Joseph Murphy


Prosperity affirmations by Joseph Murphy

  • sebastien grynko
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Prosperity affirmations by Joseph Murphy

Excerpts from the great book by Joseph Murphy : " The Miracles of the Mind"


Here is a simple technique for you to increase your consciousness of wealth; use these statements several times a day: “I like money; I love it; I use it wisely, constructively, and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. I release it with joy, and it returns to me multiplied in a wonderful way. It is good and very good.” This will help you get the right attitude toward money.


Never criticize money by saying, “It is filthy lucre; it is bad; it is tainted.” You cannot attract what you criticize. When you begin to think things through, you will realize that real wealth depends on the circulation of wonderful ideas in your mind which well up from the subconscious levels.


A young detective desiring more money, used the above mentioned formula. One morning he awakened with an intense desire to write a short story based on one of his experiences. He sat down; ideas came freely; his story was accepted; then he wrote many others, and was paid handsomely for these articles. Wealth came to him as ideas in his own mind. Your mind, also, can reveal to you a new invention, the material for a new book, or play. Make use of your subconscious mind.


One sales manager I knew used to get ideas for his promotional sales campaign when he awakened in the morning. He became the president of the company; they never had a sales manager like him.


Your subconscious mind is never short of ideas; there are within it an infinite number of ideas ready to flow into your conscious mind, and appear as cash in your pocket book in countless ways. This process will continue to go on in your mind regardless of whether the market goes up or down, or whether the pound sterling or dollar drops in value.


Your wealth is never truly dependent on bonds, stocks, or money in a bank; these are really all symbols necessary and useful, of course. The point I wish to emphasize is that if you convince your subconscious mind that wealth is yours, and that plenty of money is always circulating in your life, you will always have it regardless of the form it takes.


If you believe that wealth or money is dependent on your job or more hours of work, you have a limited concept; you are bound by your own beliefs. This is a world of cause and effect. If you worry and fret about money, this mood of lack will produce a greater lack of money. Your mental attitude is the cause; less money is the effect.


There is one emotion which is the cause of financial lack in the lives of many. Most people learn this fact the hard way. It is envy. For example, if you see a competitor depositing large sums of money in the bank, and you have only a meagre amount to deposit, does it make you envious? The way to overcome this emotion is to say to yourself, “Isn’t it wonderful! I rejoice in that man’s prosperity. I wish for him greater and greater wealth.”


Do you know what you are doing? You are actually impressing the subconscious mind with the idea of wealth! To entertain envious thoughts is devastating, because it places you in a very negative position; therefore, wealth flows from you, instead of to you. If you are ever annoyed or irritated by the prosperity or great wealth of another, claim immediately that you truly wish for him greater prosperity in every possible way. This will neutralize the negative thoughts in your mind, and cause a greater measure of wealth to flow to you by the law of your own subconscious mind.


Maybe you know someone who is always trying to make ends meet; they seem to have a great struggle with money. Have you listened to their conversation? In many instances their conversation runs along this vein: They are constantly condemning those who have succeeded in life, and who have put their heads above the crowd. Perhaps they are saying, “Oh, that fellow has a racket; he is ruthless; he is a crook.”


This is why they lack; they are condemning the thing they desire and want. The reason they speak critically of their prosperous associates is because they are envious and covetous of the other’s prosperity. The quickest way to cause wealth to take wings and fly away is to criticize and condemn others who have more money than you.


Do you say you never had a chance? Are you blaming your relatives, your mother, or father, because they never aided you financially. Stop doing it immediately. Learn that the secret to wealth is the correct use of your own mind. All of the resources of that infinite mind are behind you seeking expression through you, if you will only have a receptive, mental attitude.


If you are worried and critical about someone whom you claim is making money dishonestly, cease worrying about him. You know such a person is using the law of mind negatively; the law of mind takes care of him. Be sure not to criticize him, for the reasons before assigned.


If you are experiencing a financial block, the obstruction is in your own mind. You can now destroy that mental block. Get on mental, good terms with everyone.


As you go to sleep tonight, practice the many techniques which we occasionally refer to. Repeat the word, “Wealth,” quietly, easily, and feelingly. Do this over and over again as a lullaby. Lull yourself to sleep with the one word, “Wealth.” You should be amazed at the results. Wealth should flow to you in avalanches of abundance; this is another example of The Miracles of The Subconscious Mind.

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