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Placebo effect and self-healing


Placebo effect and self-healing

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Placebo effect and self-healing

I want to start a discussion about the subject of self-healing. We have all heard stories about people who miraculously cured themselves with seemingly no hope of survival.

The placebo effect is well documented these days. A simple belief in a pill or a surgery can actually heal you or cure you to a certain extent, even though that pill was a placebo. Some studies have shown that people who are suffering from multiple personalities disorder can change their body chemistry. Here is an excerpt from an article :

With a change of personalities in multiples, scars appear and disappear, burn marks do the same, as well as cysts! The multiple can change from being right-handed to being left-handed with ease and agility.


Visual acuity can differ, so that some multiples have to carry two or three different pairs of glasses. One personality can be colour blind and the other not. Even EYE COLOUR can change! Speech pathologist, "


Christy Ludlow has found that the voice pattern for each of a multiple's personalities is different, a feat that required such a deep physiological change that even the most accomplished actor can not alter his voice enough to disguise his voice pattern."

This what Bruce Lipton call epigenetics. In his book the biology of belief he said that :

 “when we change the way we see the world, that is, when we change our beliefs. We change the blood’s neurochemical composition, which then initiates a complementary change in the body’s cells. The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience.”

In his book healing and recovery, the late Richard Hawkins wrote : 


The specifics of healing a particular illness consist of :

1 letting go of resisting the sensory of it

2 no longer putting names or labels on it

3 using no words at all

4 cancel the thought form and the belief system and welcome the energy of love to heal


He also also wrote that we need to forgive ourselves and rid ourselves of unconscious guilt because it is one of the cause of illness. Guys I get it. This can seem a bit over the top but there is some truth to it nonetheless.

While reading those things, you might think it’s a bunch of bs and/or too good to be true. I would agree with you to a certain extent. I know the power of the mind just can’t be cured. 

After all we are subject to karma, death and decay. Let’s not forget about that. However I do know and believe that attitude goes a long way. I heard that some doctors can predict with up to 90% certainty if a cancer patient will survive or not.

Why ?

Because of their attitude and the way they are dealing with their predicament. Did you know that some patient have their cancer increase by as much as 30%, right about the time they hear their diagnosis.

Our minds have a say and we do have some form of indirect control on our own circumstances. One thing we can do is not feel guilty and/or sorry for ourselves. 

Remember that illness is only one part of your body. It’s most definitely not the whole. Illness is not and should not be your label. We should accept it and embrace for it will teach us a lesson.

We should be grateful for what we have and for all the other parts of ourselves that are NOT subject to illness. By having this positive attitude and seeing symptoms as just a part, not a whole.  We can begin the healing process.

We can be grateful for the healthy parts and kick the illness right to the curb. Get one or more of my ebooks if you want to know more.

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