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Gaining muscle mass the long and hard way


Gaining muscle mass the long and hard way

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Gaining muscle mass the long and hard way

How I gain muscle the long and hard way without steroids. How you can learn from my mistakes? Like a lot of men, I used to be very, very skinny and I did not like it. 


Not one bit... By the time I reached my 22nd birthday, I weighed about 150lbs (68kg) at 6’2(188cm). 


Needless to say, I was really underweight for my size. Unlike being fat, pointing out and teasing someone who is skinny is acceptable but not necessarily more bearable. 


 A lot of my skinny (former and current) companions will understand exactly what I mean. You wear more layers of clothes to appear bigger even when the weather is not cold enough to allow you to wear that many clothes.


During summer you don’t wear t-shirt because you don’t want to show your skinny arms. Going to the beach and the swimming pool is a struggle in itself.  It sucks but there’s always a solution. 


I did not want to accept it so I started working out.  It was a long process up until now where I can actually feel satisfied.

Let’s make something clear, I am a not bodybuilder.  Being skinny for the longest part of my life did not make me want to become huge. I do love heavy lifting but my goal was just to be at a weight and have a frame which satisfy me. 

I learned a lot during the process and I am now at 190lbs (86kg) and still at 6’2 (188cm). I am not crazy about being too lean and I am still trying to put on a bit more but I like where I am and I am grateful that all my effort has borne fruit.

Now let me get into the way I went about it.  I made all the mistakes you can imagine.  Bought those scam programs that promise you to get huge after 12 weeks.

I went to the gym and threw around weights without knowing what I was doing.
I ate all that came my way just to realise I was only getting fat.  The whole nine yards. 

I am still improving till this day but putting on muscle is really not that hard.  The process is simple. The execution might not be easy. You only need to eat enough.  Lifting heavy with progressive overload and rest appropriately.

Of course in theory, it is very simple but you need to balance it out. Guys, before I get into the nitty gritty of it, I just want to say this .... you’ll fuck up and it is totally normal to do things wrong and not be consistent with your efforts.

Knowledge is sometimes not enough and life is also here to slow you down at times.  It’s ok though. Take your time. Which brings me to my other point, you need to be patient.  It does take time.

It is true that you can get to a very decent size in 6-18months but as I mentioned above the process is never linear. Do not despair, it’s well worth the time put in.  You learn a lot from it. You improve your body and your character.  What’s not to love ?


Ok, ok, sorry for ranting so much.  Here is what you need to do.  If you are a beginner.  Go online and check a program like the 5x5 workout. It’s an incredibly straightforward program.  You don’t need to pay for it.  You can find videos on Youtube describing everything about the workouts to the T.

Once you are familiar with the program, go to the gym and learn the technique.  This is very important for you don’t want to neglect the fundamentals.  I suggest getting a trainer just to show all the right techniques.

Or if you have a friend who knows that kind of stuff,  ask him/her to show you.  Just make sure that the person who is showing you knows what he is doing. This way, you will be able to prevent injuries and accelerate your progress. 

You need to increase the weight (if possible) at each gym session.  This is also very important for you need to increase your strength in order to grow bigger muscles.

Sometimes, you are unable to increase the weight.  This usually means one or two things.  Either you have to eat more or you need more rest/recovery or both.  Which brings me to my next point.

The diet is crucial.  It is going to make the difference.  I am not a nazi when it is comes to the diet. 
I do believe you need to eat clean most of the time because you are trying to put on weight for crying out loud!


In humble opinion, you need not be too strict.  You can allow yourself some goodies while you put on muscle mass. You should eat 50%carbs 30%proteins and the rest is fats.  You can adjust along the way according to the way you are progressing.

If you are beginner, you will put on a lot weight easily for the first month or so.  In fact, the first year or so are the best gains you will ever see as a beginner.  Lucky you!

Don’t go overboard.  I think you should be able to put more than 4.4lbs (2kg) per month in your first 1-2 years of training as a beginner. This is just a rule of thumb.  Check the mirror and don’t let yourself go fat which means that you keep a flat stomach most of the time.

A flat stomach is not necessarily a six packs but you can still see the outlines or some outlines of your abs under the right lighting. 
Do not let yourself spill over.  If you do it well, you should be gaining much fat but not on your face.

If you do feel you are getting a little too fat, slow your horses and reduce the calories intake.  You can also do a mini cut for about a month. This is not ideal though.  What you want is putting on mass for 6-18months and then cut.  If you are diligent and do not go crazy on the food.  You will be fine.

It’s always better to start with lower calories and then increase bit by bit according to the scale and the mirror. 
As a rule of thumb, you should multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 20 and you can start with this number for your calories.

If after a week, your weight has increased, keep on going.  Do not up your calories intake.  After one more week check the scale if the weight has not increased up your calories by 200.

If your weight keeps on increasing, you don’t need to up your calories.  Keep on trying to put more weights on the bar though regardless of your calories intake.

That’s about it.  Have fun.  Lift heavy weights and get bigger. If you scroll down you can see that I am offering consulting calls for a certain fee. I am offering free calls for those who might be interested. Please contact me as fast as you can so I can send you a free link to request a call with me. Speak soon.

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