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Inspiration comes in words


F*** those pills


F*** those pills

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F*** those pills

Curing yourself starts with the mind and not with a pill.


“Before we had no hospital there were sick people.  Now we have hospitals and there are even more sick people”


That is a quote a heard from a talk a while back.  Makes you kind of ponder. 


With all the advance in technology it does seems that we are getting healthier, in fact we just have better tools to fight diseases.


It is amazing but it seems to me to a certain extent in our world ... the western and westernised world is addicted to drugs.


By drugs, I mean medication not intoxicants although we could argue that they are also intoxicants.


Any “issue” that we have in our life seems to have a pill to address it, be it mental or physical.


In my humble opinion, we are too quick to jump to medication.  I don’t believe that all pills are insidious and unsavory but I do strongly believe that most of them are unnecessary and some might actually make you worse with side effects.


Don’t jump the gun.   I am not going to rant on conspiracy theories but Big Pharma is a thing. 


The pharmaceutical industry is after all a business.  One of the biggest and most profitable, so let’s say they have to push hard for us to buy their pills.


I was reading a book called “Crazy like us: The Globalisation of the Western Mind” 


In this book, it is clearly shown in a chapter how a big pharmaceutical company made depression “appear” in Japan in order for them to start selling their new medication.


I am oversimplifying it obviously but in this particular chapter, it clearly show how the pharma company would sponsor “experts” and doctors to promote and sell their products.


How bad reports of the pills were hidden from the public and how inefficient the pill was actually compared to a placebo.  And not only that, the pill would make some patient suicidal and even more depressed!


The “best part” is how they actually made depression a trend in Japan through culture, media and the medical world.


They reported stories of celebrities in the West having issues with depression and actually promoting depression and its symptoms.


Once that was mainstream, they were more and more cases of depression in the general population. At that time, Japan was going through a crisis and the pharma company labelled the symptoms that describe their aliments.




And it is a big but.  What happened is that people who were fine before apparently start developing more of these symptoms.


Eventually more and more people were getting hooked to the pills.  For them, it seems like a perfect solution to their “ailment”


So what happened there is pretty common in business.  The demand for the pills was not there so they had to create it.


Many people thought they were doing good but some of those mofos were just thinking of their profits which were in billions.  


The pills were not necessarily insidious but their efficiency was not proven and in most cases, it did not do better than the placebo and could even make your state worse and suicidal.


These companies thrive on the hypochondriac and worrisome nature of human being.


And that’s where we need to be aware of our own arrogance.  Remember the quote at the beginning of this blog post?


Why is it in certain ethnic societies they have great, healthy, straight teeth and we, in our modern societies spent our time and our money on cavities, gum diseases and other dental issues?


That’s another example for you guys.  I read somewhere that one prominent dentist travelled the world and he discovered that ethnic tribes and societies did not have as much issues with their teeth as we do.


A lot of that is due to dietary and environment.  Which brings me to my next point.  We live in modern environments which are more conducive to making us more incline to indulge in medication instead getting to the root of the underlying issues.


And when we have a problem, the first thing we do is get a pill.  You get a headache take a paracetamol.  You can’t focus take a Xanax.  You’re sad take an antidepressant.


All that is doing is changing the chemistry of your body for a short term relief.  Pills are not here to cure you.  Curing is not profitable enough.  They need you to come back and get more.


A lot of those pills like Xanax can actually make your situation worse and make you have inhuman skills to focus with a heavy price on your mind and body.


I am not trying to act like a holistic healer or some new age woo woo.  What I am saying is that up to 80% of our mental and physical issues are due to stress, exhaustion, lack of exercise and poor diets.


Our environment can lead you to live a life that is more prone to diseases of the mind and the body. Big cities are harsh environments but they should not be used as an excuse to an unsavoury lifestyle.


Much can be done.  Meditation can get rid of your stress or at least help you cope with it.  Rest and sleep can boost up your immune system for crying out loud.  Exercise will you make stronger and your heart healthy.


Diet can make you or destroy you in the long run.


One of the things that is incredibly important is to be wary of the outside influence as I mentioned above with the Japanese example.


Do not let your mind be poisoned and influenced by the medias and people.  Do not let your mind believe anything that says that this and that will happen to you if you do this and eat that.  And if you are feeling this kind of symptoms you’re ...... fill in the blank.


Depressed, sick, suicidal, etc... labels are in abundance to make a profit out of you.  Do not be fooled, the mind is strong and if you give it a reason to worry, it will give you even more and more symptoms to justify your stupidity and that’s how you get sick and poisoned by the outside influence.


It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You heard so and so have these symptoms and you have a little of those symptoms and you start thinking that maybe you also have these ..... fill in the blank.


So you start worrying and worrying some more.  You go to the doctor and there he labels and there you go.  Now you can be part of the club of the people who “suffer” from ..... fill the blank.


Now you are a member.  You have your labels, your pills and you have a self-inflicted disease.


They say cancer grows significantly when the patient is told for the first time that they might suffer from a cancer.


Do not underestimate your mind.  It is capable of immense positive power but it can literally kill you as well.


So chill.  Change your lifestyle.  Your poor habits.  If you feeling down.  Meditate.  Rest.  Exercise a bit. Go get vitamin D from the sun and fuck those pills.


Do the above first and see if you still need a pill.  Treat your mind and body well and they will both grow strong, healthy and wise.


Guys if you like my content. Scroll down and check my new ebook. Free at the moment.

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