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Inspiration comes in words






How can you possibly be certain that what you preach is equally wholesome for the rest of the world?


We polarise, dogmatise and stigmatise. The views, the practices and beliefs we hold dear are set in stone.


We are more attached to our opinions than to our spouses. The strength of our beliefs only equals to the arrogance of our status.


What is true ? What is real in a world full of contradictory information? One article is about how this is good for you, the next one is to debunk the article you just read.


Human beings are so complex. Communities are even more so and media make it so much more complicated.


How to distill, perceive the truth amidst overwhelming data where everything is good and bad at the same time?  Politicians are both heroic saviours and cruel dictators. Diets can lead to both cancer and health, etc, etc, etc...


How do we survive in a world where you need to label such as such?  Peer pressure will put you in a particular box where beliefs and views are strong and not meant to be challenged.


What about testing ? What about criticising ? What about challenging the status quo ? What about  finding for oneself what is actually good ? What beliefs benefit me first ?


Do you believe the elusive knowledge divulged by someone with a semblance of authority ? Do you follow traditions solely because they have been perpetuated through generations?


Open your eyes. Dare to challenge. Dare to be an outlier.


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson



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