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Inspiration comes in words


Conor mcgregor : I had to believe in it, I had to feel it, I had to have faith in it for it to happen


Conor mcgregor : I had to believe in it, I had to feel it, I had to have faith in it for it to happen

  • sebastien grynko
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Conor mcgregor : I had to believe in it, I had to feel it, I had to have faith in it for it to happen

Conor McGregor grew up in Dublin, Ireland. His family was not poor but they did not have much. His years in school were the best years of his life. He always knew he wanted something more.

As a kid, he would visualize stadiums that were full of people cheering for him. MMA was not as popular at that time. There was no precedence of people succeeding in this field, so when he told his father about his dream. He was met with resistance.

He dropped out of high school and took up a trade. For some time, he became a plumber. He worked during the day and trained at night. After 18 months, he quit his job and focused solely on training.

He could not stand doing something that was not meant for him. He could not bear to do something that was not as fulfilling as fighting, something that was not his calling.

He was living with his girlfriend Dee Devlin. They would barely make ends meet. Conor was making close to nothing from fighting. His wife Dee was working odd jobs here and there to support their household.


One of the turning points of his life is when his elder sister got the movie “The Secret” for him. She thought it might help him. At that time Conor was pretty lost and purposeless.

Conor became an avid practitioner of the law of attraction after watching the movie, and his wife Dee believed wholeheartedly that her husband would make it as an MMA superstar.

Times were hard for many years, at one-point Conor McGregor became a fighter in the Cage Warrior promotion, one of the most popular in Europe.

He rapidly rose through the ranks and won two belts in two different weight classes. Other promotions were paying attention to this upcoming young fighter from Ireland.

The UFC had their eyes on him. Dana White, the CEO extraordinaire of the company flew over to meet him. He was impressed by Conor McGregor.

Not only for his prowess in the ring but for that X factor, he also had. That elusive thing is possessed by so many of those high achievers.

After he signed with the UFC he went on a tear, beating everybody on the featherweight roster. He defeated Dustin Poirier, Max Holloway, and Chad Mendes.

He was then scheduled to fight the champion of the division Jose Aldo, who had remained undefeated for the past ten years. He was also widely regarded as the greatest featherweight of all time.

Conor McGregor defeated him in 13 seconds with a knock- out punch. He then became the UFC world featherweight champion.

After that fight, he lost to Nate Diaz via submission. That was his first defeat in the UFC. They fought at welterweight so he remained a featherweight champion.

In the rematch with Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor won via decision. 3 months later he fought Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt.

Conor McGregor defeated him in a dominant victory via two punches in the second round. He became the first fighter to ever hold two division belts simultaneously. Conor McGregor started calling himself the “champ champ”

If that was not enough, he trash-talked his way into fighting Floyd Mayweather. One of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers of all time. That event was huge.

Even though the odds were obviously against him. He still put up a great performance in defeat and impressed the world of boxing.

It was reported that he made around 100 million dollars from this event. Conor McGregor was now more than a superstar. he is now a multimillionaire many times over. 

He started a bunch of different businesses. He started his own media company and his own clothing line, but the company that really put him on the map as a serious business mogul is Proper Twelve.

Shortly after the Mayweather fight, Conor started his own Irish whiskey brand named Proper Twelve. Some reports said that the brand sold over 1 billion dollars in sales, in the first year alone. Some other reports said the company made 70 million USD in sales. Numbers can vary, and oftentimes numbers can be exaggerated for marketing purposes. That being said, his whiskey brand did really well right out the gates.

Proper 12 is just another great success adding to a list of other great successes. Conor McGregor has also had his fair share of controversies. He did things that no one in good conscience can defend.

I am not condoning his unwholesome acts and words. How- ever, I am not condemning him altogether either. It’s better to be for something instead of always being against something.

I recognize that some of his behaviors are reprehensible. However, I do have to give credit where it is due. I studied how he used his mind to achieve great things and it is nothing short of miraculous.

Conor McGregor is a true powerhouse when it comes to using the power of his mind. I think we can all learn something and be empowered by his positive exploits.

Let us now study in more detail the techniques and methods he used to attract and manifest the life he has envisioned and embodied.

 You can have anything you want. You can be anybody you want. If you want it badly enough.

_Conor McGregor_

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  • sebastien grynko
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