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Be careful with the law of attraction & the law of attraction Contest Queen Helene Hadsell


Be careful with the law of attraction & the law of attraction Contest Queen Helene Hadsell

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Be careful with the law of attraction & the law of attraction Contest Queen Helene Hadsell

 Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how she got everything she wanted and more. And let’s see how we can all apply the same principles into our lives. First of all, let’s get something clear.

There is a reason why I “anointed” Helene the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) in previous content when it comes to manifestation. Not a lot of us will reach her level with as much ease.

Not every kid with a dream of being the greatest NBA player ever becomes the greatest ever. In fact, only very few get to this conversation of being the greatest. Helene Hadsell is obviously an outlier.

Although being an LOA practitioner is not a competition, we can say that she is definitely cut from a different cloth. I think it’s important to point out.

I do not mean to discourage people who just got into this. I want to use this as a beacon of hope. The enemy of success in most endeavors, and especially when it comes to practicing these kinds of things, where the power of the mind is so important, is the frustration, the disappointment, and the lack of persistence.

A lot of the law of attraction is predicated on beliefs. That’s why it’s so easy to be disappointed and even deceived.

There are so many stories of people succeeding with different techniques and a lot of them are succeeding fast. What happens when YOU apply the same principles and “fail”?

That’s when the frustration kicks in. Now you think: “Well this is all bullshit” “It won’t happen for me” “Others have it, I don’t” and the list can go on and on, as soon as we start believing woe is me.

Everybody has a different story, different karma, different mindset, a different set of beliefs. You have to understand that even though the principles of how the mind works are simple, it can take time and effort to actually get to a place where manifestations are easy and seemingly effortless.

When the Buddha had reached enlightenment. He sat in bliss for seven days, enjoying his attainment. When he came back to “reality” he questioned himself.

He wondered if he could teach the masses. He thought to himself, those teachings are so simple yet people won’t be able to comprehend.

Brahma, a God of one of the heavenly realms, heard those thoughts and shortly after appeared in front of the Buddha. He begged him to teach the masses.

He told him: “O Holy one, some people have little dust in their eyes and they would just need a little help to see the light of truth”

The Buddha went on to preach for 45 years, to thousands of people who went on to reach enlightenment as well. So, you see, there is always hope but we need to act with caution and not compare where we are with where other people are. This is very important.

One thing that really sets Helene apart, is her unwavering, indomitable belief in her capacity to manifest. Intellectually we can all believe that its possible but she believed it at her very core.

That’s why auto-suggestions, affirmations, living in the end, visualization, and other techniques can be so crucial because you are there so often, you are imprinting that on your subconscious mind.

Helene was just like this from scratch. She read the book “The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale and then she was set.

It was the point of no return. She read in this book that you can get anything you want if you know what it is and see yourself as already having it. Those words served as a motto, a true motto in her life. Before we get into the details of Helene’s SPEC method I want to leave you with a story I heard from Sadhguru.

In Yoga, a well-established mind is referred to as a Kalpavriksha or a “wishing tree.” Sadhguru explains that if you organize your body, mind, emotions, and energy in one direction, your ability to create and manifest will be phenomenal.

There is a beautiful story in the yogic lore. A man went for a walk and accidentally walked into paradise.

After the long walk, he felt a little tired and thought, “I wish I could rest somewhere.” He saw a nice beautiful tree beneath which there was wonderful soft grass.

So, he went and slept on the grass. After a few hours, he woke up well-rested. Then he thought, “Oh! I am hungry.

I wish I had something to eat.” He thought of all the nice things he wanted to eat, and all of them just appeared in front of him. After he had the sumptuous food, the man thought,

“Oh! I am thirsty, I wish I had something to drink.” He thought of all the drinks he wanted to drink and all of them appeared in front of him.

In Yoga, the human mind is referred to as markata or monkey because of its wandering nature. The word monkey has also become synonymous with imitation.

If you say you are monkeying someone, it means imitating someone – this is the full-time job of your mind. So, an unestablished mind is referred to as a monkey.

A well-established human mind is referred to as a Kalpavriksha. In this mind, whatever you ask for becomes a reality.

When this “monkey” became active in the man who went to paradise, he thought, “What the hell is happening here? I asked for food, food came. I asked for a drink, drinks came.

Maybe there are ghosts around.” He looked and there were ghosts. The moment he saw them, he got terrified. He said, “Oh, there are ghosts around here.

Maybe they will torture me.” And the ghosts started torturing him. He started screaming and yelling in pain. He said, “Oh, these ghosts are torturing me, they are going to kill me.” And he died.

The problem was he was sitting under a wishing tree or a Kalpavriksha. Whatever he asked for became a reality. You need to develop the mind to a point where it becomes a Kalpavriksha, not a source of madness.

A well-established human mind is referred to as a Kalpavriksha. In this mind, whatever you ask for becomes a reality. Beware what you wish for.

Please don’t forget that the LOA is not something you activate and deactivate. It’s always functioning for better or worse, so train your mind to only be focused on what you want and not so much on what you don’t want, so you too will have a Kalpavriksha that is functioning only for your best.

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