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Inspiration comes in words


6 Pack Abs or 6 Pack Flabs


6 Pack Abs or 6 Pack Flabs

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6 Pack Abs or 6 Pack Flabs

We all know that flabs ain’t cool but abs are the shit.



6 Pack Abs or 6 Pack Flabs



Nowadays,  there are certain physical requirements that we all “need” to have in order for us to be regarded as “attractive”


Who set up those standards ?


Who made big boobs, abs, fat asses and big biceps the be all and end all ?


Do what you want to do and be who you want to be.


Let me ask you, how is it that it is more attractive to have an ass that holds 2/3 of your bodyweight ? Or abs that make you look like the last time you ate carbs was when George Bush Senior was in office? 


And those damn boobs that could easily be used as airbags.


C’mon man...



I feel for you girls whose chest are flatter than a kitchen table,  but you don’t need to go from nothing to look like your back is about to snap.


Same goes for men’s abs. Starvation just for a bit of striation.


God, O God. Save us all from all the ridicule of our beauty ideals.


I am going to be the devil’s advocate.


If you have flat ass,  do some squats.  If you have some fat, lean down a bit.  Flat chested ? Get a small boob job if it makes you feel better.  There is nothing wrong with looking good, healthy and better.


But beware of the extremes which are mentally, physically and financially taxing..  And also be sure that you’re going to look better after you reached your “ideal”.  Don’t act innocent. I know you understand what I am talking about.


Those people on social media, particularly IG, don’t look like humans anymore.  Seriously!  Steroids, botox, surgery have created a new race of human being.  For real!! 


Look at some of those guys or some of those girls. Nothing seems real. I am not saying that it is out of reach. It just seems like it should not exist.


For those who watch porn (not me ofc huh huh). Some women look like they should be in the porn version of the movie Avatar. You’re welcome James Cameron!  B


Boobs look like they are about to burst and asses are so big that they could crush you like an ant.


Am I the only one thinking like this ?


Who would not be scared stumbling into Donatella Versace late at night in a dark alley ?


I am just being real. I’d rather bump into Charles Manson than Donatella Versace.


In fact, I learn that people are paying plastic surgeons to make them look like they do with their social media/app filters!


Guys and gals we need to draw a line there.


There are certain things that we should not let slide and I will tell you why.


What kind of impossible “beauty ideals” are we setting for the younger generations


Young teenage boy who want to hop on steroids at age 14 because they don’t have the patience to let their body grow first and then go through the trials and errors of bodybuilding/weight lifting.



Young teenage girls who don’t feel as feminine as other girls because they don’t have watermelons sticking out of their chests




I am going to be even more provocative. Young teenage boy as young as 13-14 who hop on female hormones to start turning their masculine body into a woman’s body at an age when the body should be left to grow at its natural pace.


Do whatever you want with your body. But we should be wary about the violence of the propaganda which make our youth obsessed with the way they look to such an extreme that they resort to surgeries, supplements and drugs.  This should not be taken lightly especially at such a young age.


For starters, we all need to stop being a slave to our physical appearance. We need to accept what we have been given,  improve what we can and TRY to let go of the superficial things which are not worth the time, money and effort.





Do not value your self-worth through your physique. Your body is regardless of what you do to it, a depreciating asset.   It will deteriorate slowly but surely and run out its course.


Don’t be a slave to the violence of marketing and to what they tell you is supposed to be attractive. Be a master of your world. Improve what can be improved and accept your “flaws”


Place more value on inner qualities. Truth be told, nobody gives a fuck about the way you look. Most people are concerned about the way THEY look.


There is caveat to this. This is not an invitation to make yourself unhealthy and indulge in binge eating, drinking or anything of that nature.


I believe that when we live in a community, in a society, we have a duty to be clean, decently dressed and try to look well put together regardless of the style you choose.


Men in suite


Letting yourself go is not a good example for the people around.  Take care of your appearance because it is a good thing to do for your health and well being but don’t push it to the extremes for that is not necessary and it is mostly a waste of your time and money.

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