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Inspiration comes in words


The best solution to envy is sympathetic joy


The best solution to envy is sympathetic joy

  • sebastien grynko
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The best solution to envy is sympathetic joy

Envy is probably one of the most insidious poisons of our modern world. It’s also not so easy to overcome. I know, I have suffered from envy and still do at times but it’s something that we should all destroy. Here are a few examples of the thoughts that can come to our minds :

-Look at his body. He’s probably on steroids. strive to eliminate.

You know how it goes. You are scrolling down incessantly on your Instagram or Facebook feed and without realizing it your thoughts become dark, aggressive, and hostile. Have you ever been down this dark rabbit hole?

I know I have. I have to catch myself and turn this thing around. I really don’t want to have this kind of thought. They are

-He or she made money but they did the wrong way.

-Look at his girlfriend or boyfriend she or he is so ugly. She or he is not that beautiful

-All those photos are fake they are not really having that great of a life.

The list goes on and on, truth be told those thoughts might not be wrong but regardless of whether those thoughts are right or wrong, the mindset that is behind those thoughts need to be corrected. Why?

Because the mindset behind those thoughts is one that covets, is one that envies. We are having those thoughts to feel good about ourselves. We envy, therefore we want everybody else to feel shitty and have a shitty life so we can feel better about ourselves.

It’s OK to feel this way. It’s very human, and in our modern-day and age, is very hard to escape. Why do you guys think social media platforms have such a bad rep? Envy is one of the reasons. We envy and therefore we feel frustration, anger, bitterness, and depression.

Gary Vaynerchuk said that social media platforms are not the problem. They just expose us. To a certain extent, I have to agree. Those social media platforms are free and yes they are made in a way to keep you there and keep you addicted to notifications, likes, and comments but nobody is forcing you to stay there, let alone have those unwholesome negative thoughts.

If you had those thoughts, do not worry, do not feel bad about yourself, and please do not feel angry towards yourself or even towards me. I have a lot of empathy for myself and for others when it comes to this subject because it’s a tough thing to overcome.

I know, I felt that envy. When my friend is telling me about one of our acquaintances and how well she or he is doing. I know I felt that envy when I go to the club and see a table of people I know having so much fun. Or even worst, you see your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend in real life or in the virtual life having so much fun with their new partner and it makes you feel envious and shitty.

We can all relate to this feeling. It’s so human but it does not mean we should accept it. Envy is truly a poison. So what’s the solution? Mudita — Sympathetic joy. This is a Buddhist concept. It’s very simple. You rejoice in the happiness, the joy, the beauty, and the success of others.

When someone is sad you feel compassion for them. Mudita is feeling happy and joyful for someone’s happiness. Mudita is the complete opposite of envy. You can start implementing it in your life right now. And it does not necessarily need to be towards people you have envied or are envying. No, it can be for anybody who is joyful and happy.

When you see someone happy or someone who has done something great just indulge in it. You don’t need to be with them, you can do it at a distance. You rejoice in your mind and in your heart. Smile and tell yourself: “I am happy for them. I am so joyful for them”

You can say something along those lines or anything else that resonates with you. In the beginning, it will take some practice but do it continuously and you will get better. The best part of it is that you will truly feel happy because of this.

When it comes to the people you envy say the same thing in your mind. Yes, it might sound false and insincere at the beginning but do it anyway. When you muster as much positivity as you can it will get better over time.

A quick tip to make it more sincere. Always picture people in their most innocent child-like figure. Always remember that all people have their own shit and suffering, and the joy they have now might just be a highlight. It’s not necessarily the whole of their life so rejoice with them when they are happy and feel compassion for them when they are not.

Bonus words — When you want something and envy, someone because they have it. You prevent that thing from coming to your life. What you can do instead, be happy for that person who has what you want. Wish them even more of what they have so it will put you in a very receptive mode where you can also receive and manifest what you had envied previously.

If you want something in your life. Wish it for someone else

Wayne Dyer

Whatever you want to manifest in your life. Give it of increase to other people and you will manifest what you want

Joseph Murphy

Keep on living life that way. When you are feeling sad or bored. Look for happiness and rejoice in that happiness as if it were your own. That envy will dissipate very fast and will give way to a better you, a better life, and better opportunities

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  • sebastien grynko
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