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Inspiration comes in words


Best things to do in the morning


Best things to do in the morning

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Best things to do in the morning

Best morning routines ideas (the last one is the best)


What is the first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning ?


Most will probably go for a first trip to the bathroom and do what needs to be done.


Which will be followed by taking their smartphones. So far I think most people will agree that this is more or less what they do.


There are better, more inspired ways to start a day. Jumping on your phone would be on the opposite side of those good ideas.


You just woke up. This is the most important time of the day. This is the moment for you to set up the rest of the day. Lay a good foundation for it.


As soon as you get on your phone you will start wasting all this finite, precious energy down the drain.


What you actually want to do is make sure you increase this energy and also put it to better use.


Down below is a list of ideas of the best things you can do when you wake up.






For those of you who know me enough. You knew this was coming. And I had to deliver.


Meditation is for me, the one thing I have to do when I wake up. If I don’t my days usually go in the wrong direction.


Meditation gives you clarity of mind and purpose. It also gives you the ability to cope  with the flow of the day and be better prepared to face the inevitable obstacles and hurdles.


I recommend 5-10 minutes. You don’t need to do it for 30minutes if you don’t have the time. 


Check my free ebook on meditation and/or my video on meditation if you want to know more.





Affirmations & visualisation 



Another great thing to do in the morning. Visualise your goals and aspirations. This is the greatest time to do that and a lot of high achievers recommend it as a skill for better performance.


You haven't been caught up in the day yet so you can have the energy and the focus to self-inspire.


Visualise and affirm your vision. Do this before or after meditation. Muster the positive emotions and see your goals as already achieved.


You can do this for 5 minutes. You will usually feel good so you’ll probably want to stretch it out a bit longer. You can also visualise the way you want your day to go.






Get the blood flowing. You don’t need to workout too long or even intensely. 


Tim Ferriss recommends just ten reps of one particular exercise instead of a workout.


This is just meant to wake the body up and get your muscles pumping. 


I usually workout later in the morning but if you are lucky enough to be able to get a yoga session or a Thai boxing session or a swim or a workout. Do it. That’s really an amazing way to start the day.


You will feel so good when those endorphins are released and your energy levels have increased.






This is the one thing I do as soon as I am done meditating and visualising.


This is my creative moment of the day. Some are able to do it throughout the day at any given time.


I found for myself and a lot of people that the morning is the best time to create.


Why ?


Because that is usually when your energy and your happiness is at its highest because you have not been drained by the rest of your day yet.


Plus the meditation will put you in a empty space of mind which will help you tremendously to create something good.


Whatever your creative endeavours are. Do it. Write, paint, sculpt, mould, sing, act, make videos, etc...








I do not mean reading social media or news feed. Nope. That’s a no-go.


Read something inspiring. Read something that will help you create. Something that will put you in better inspired mood.


Read something you really want to learn. James Altucher says he reads a bit of inspiring content, a bit of something he wants to learn and some fiction.


You don’t need to do exactly this. You can find something that works best for you. I usually read things to help me with my articles, videos and books.


I think the best thing you can do is read something that will give inspiration for the day ahead. 


Only read positive stuff in the morning. You don’t want to start your day depressed.


Avoid the news at all cost. 





Take a cold shower. Forget about the coffee. This will make you feel good and energised from the inside out.


When you take a cold shower your breathing will get real deep and fast which gives your body a great pump.


Not only that but your skin will feel great and smooth. It works better when you are in a cold country because you really feel the benefits of it after you’re done.


Jump in the shower and get 30 to 90s of cold. I would usually start with warm water and finish with  cold water.


 You can also shower the whole way through with cold water. The choice is yours.



-#7 Make your bed 


If you haven’t watched the speech by Admiral McRaven I strongly recommend you do.


In his speech he put a great emphasis on making your bed in the morning.


Because the way you do the little things is the way you do the big things.


That’s very similar to the Jordan Peterson concept of cleaning your room.


I have been a neat freak for most of my life so that was never really an issue for me.


Nonetheless I do feel really good when my bed is made.


As the Admiral said it gives you a first accomplishment of the day and no matter how bad the rest of it is.


You will get to go back to a well-made bed and fall asleep.







This one is the best and also very underrated when it comes to morning routines.


This is inspiring, fun and it gives your body a good workout in the morning.


How many of us can have sex in the morning and still feel groggy after that.


It’s almost impossible. You might start slow and sluggish but once you’re off to the rails. It gets better.


It’s the best way to start a day. Scroll down for more.

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