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Aim for Excellence

Excellence is what most people would want to aim for all their life. Really, then, what is excellence that most people would want to achieve? Is there actually a universal standard of excellence? What can help us to aim for excellence?

I always try to be excellent with what I do. I always aim high for everything that I do in life. This is inspiring especially when you wanted to convey that idea of excellence in your life. Like most of us, the best of the best can be linked to excellence. Actually, you do not need to follow the excellence like a long lasting race of your daily life. A wise man said that as long as you are doing well enough in all things that you do, you can see that all you have done were excellent. Specifically, when you give your heart and mind to some goal like joining yourself to some sort of training be it in sports, in mental works, and emotional tests in life, you already are giving the meaning of excellence to the people around you. But, some would think, how could it be possible to gain such excellence? Some may thought of it as unachievable course. But, how can you balance such an idea and at the same time not undermining the meaning of excellence itself?

Human soul has its limits. When we set a high impossible standard of excellence for ourselves, we will only find out that we defy excellence itself. We may be frustrated feel bad about what we have done. That is the time when we can say that human soul has its limits. But, being balanced and doing the best out of everything we do is already a step to achieve excellence in life and it is the essence of excellence.


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  • Free live coaching