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You incels need to man the f*** up !!


You incels need to man the f*** up !!

  • Sebastien Grynko
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You incels need to man the f*** up !!

Why you self-described incels need to man the f**** up.


Contrary to what you may think after reading the title I am rooting for you guys.


I am going to start first by listing why SOME of predicaments are completely justified.


In the modern world that we are living in, there is MORE emphasis on the material and the tangible than on the immaterial and the intangibles.


And by that, I mean looks, wealth, goods and status matter more than traditional values of love, spirituality and transcendence.


The 80/20 rule tends to apply when it comes to who gets women.  Twenty percent of men get 80% of  women.


This 20% of men are seemingly the ones who top our hierarchy of looks, wealth and status.


Women are prone to hypergamy and by that, they generally tend to mate/fuck with men who are at the same level or above their perceived worth.


Let’s keep it that.  We do not need to get too deep into the semantics.  I am sure a lot of you already know what I mean.


Women are not only hypergamous, they are also everywhere in reality and virtually.  The presence of sexualised women is everywhere and overwhelming.


The stimuli is ever present.  Be it in porn, magazine, media or on the street.  The freedom to desire, to exhibit oneself and to be overtly sexual has no boundaries.


This create difficult times especially for young men at the peak of their hormonal development.  The desire for woman and I am only talking about the desire for sex, is overwhelming even pressuring.


In more ways than one I can relate to you guys.  I have been on your side to a certain extent and women rejecting you is not something to be taken lightly.


Women are not only a allegory for sexual gratification, they are also symbolically and realistically the mother.  This means that they decide whether or not you will get to pass on your genes.


From a survival of the fittest darwinian vantage point, you don’t make the cut when it comes to the continuation of your lineage.


Women rejecting you is as if life itself is rejecting you.  The world is rejecting you and I feel for you.


Obviously these are concepts, speculations, facts and interpretations that can be refuted and disputed.


I am getting on my high horse.  I am trying to give you some food for thought but I could also just said that I know what it is like to finish jerking off to porn.  Feeling dirty (literally and figuratively), ashamed and even a bit humiliated.  Feeling sorry for myself for the only access I have to women consist of a wifi broadband and a computer screen, a great ability to keep one for the keyboard search and the mouse and the other hand on my .....


I have been there.  We all have been there but now onto the good stuff.  Some of you might not like it but I made my peace with it.


You guys have to give some tough love at times. 


In the movie Fight Club there is an amazing scene where Edward Norton and Brad Pitt characters are talking about their dads.


Brad Pitt says that his dad told him to get married when he was around the age of 25. 


Edward responds by saying that he can marry since he’s 30 year old.


And Brad Pitt ends the discussion by saying we are a generation of men raised by women.  I don’t think women are our solution.


Mind you this scene is a bit tongue-in-cheek and a little bit of a provocation as well.  We can draw water from all sources, there is some wisdom to what Brad Pitt said.


Guys, women are the be-all and end-all.   I had enough experience with women to know what I am talking and also enough to be a little jaded if I am being honest.


Woman should not be on a pedestal.  A lot of you men turn misogynists because you have all so often tripped on your own delusional beliefs held about women.


I know I have been there.  We expect Victoria Secret Angels to be Fedex to our doorstep free of charge with free delivery.


In reality, circumstances are more dire and more testing.  The poet idealise women and fantasise about ending alone or bitter or both.


The pimp knows women and knows how to manipulate them. The philosopher knows woman and have forsaken them.  Look at the Greeks.  Read what Schopenhauer wrote about women.  Or even better what Otto Weininger wrote.


Otto Weininger was probably the first incel and he committed suicide at the tender age of 23 and I hope to prevent this situation for a lot of you.


Women are just as mediocre as men.  They should not be seen as above or below men. 


Now that has been cleared.   What should an incel do ? Well what all men always do or at least always want to do.


Have a purpose and woman should not be the purpose.  They should be a byproduct of that purpose.


Women can tag along your journey and not be the journey.


All you guys out there are too easily falling into the victim narrative.  It is all too easy to read other posts of immature, inexperienced or bitter people, to label all women as so and so and crown yourselves victims for being hurt and dismissed by half of the world population.


This will only work against you and to your own demise. 


How much are you really worth for a woman?  How much effort have you put forth on yourself?Women have always being attracted to the top of the hierarchy of men just as much as we are attracted to the most beautiful women in the hierarchy of women.


Hehehe we also have our own standards so let’s not be hypocrites but I digress.


Nowadays, conditions have been exacerbated.  Women tend to be pickier because they are making their own money and we live in a safer time and women can afford to be attracted to more than just caveman.


They can be attracted to looks, personality, clothing style, etc, etc...


And how much have you worked on yourself in those areas ? Have you tried to make yourself better ? 


Some of you might say that I can’t make myself look more handsome.


Well... I beg to differ.   A gym membership, a diet, a new haircut, some new clothes and some grooming tips can go a long way.


Well if I not rich?  You don’t need to be rich for all of this and you definitely don’t have to be rich to be attractive to the vast majority of women.


Are there women who will reject for looks, wealth, status, height?  Hell yeah, but you don’t need to feel like you just have been raped in the shower!


Women can reject for a million reasons and some of them unbeknownst to you.


So back to my question, how much have you worked on yourself ?  How much effort have you put forth ?  I guarantee that not much effort is needed to attract women.


Why waste too much time on forums bickering and speculating over delusional situations?  Why not learn to be funny, sociable, gregarious, etc...?


Now you might say what about online dating and Tinder ?  Are we discriminated for our looks there ?


Well yeah, you will be but there are strategies you can apply there as well.  Nicer pictures, great profile, etc...


Don’t forget one thing woman scrutinised is what your picture says about you and not necessarily  only on your looks.


Pictures can lie as well.  Women will dismiss you for the smallest details in your pictures so Tinder and online dating need to be finessed.


The first step is to get out of this victim narrative.  Are women bad ?   What do you mean by bad?


Women want certain things in men and men want certain things in women. 


We have to accept the world as it is in order to be better equipped to conquer it and the same goes for women.


You don’t need to become a pick up artist.  They are not all that bad.  Some advices are great but I think too much importance on getting women for fun or some other agenda will not be very fulfilling.


There are some women who will disgust you and make you lose hope but it's not all women.  And do  remember to view women as what they are and not some fantasy you have built in your psyche.


No woman will love you like your mother.  However you can find a great woman who will love your future kids as your mother loves.


Existence is the way it is.  We should embrace it as such.   Accept it and make the necessary change to get what we want.  There is more to it.  Men have givers in our masculine energy.  Perhaps we should get back to a more transcendental traditional role where we can give without expecting too much in return.


And what generally tends to happen is you will receive more than expected.  So give to yourself first. Be kind and understanding, you can do much better than now.


Once you have given enough to yourself, you’ll be able to genuinely give to women.  Some might not respond well and some will and she will give you what you want or close to what you want.




Life as a man should be built around the hopes of what we can get from women.  Life as a man should be built around what we as men can give and contribute to ourselves, our family, our tribe, or community and eventually the world at large.


That in my opinion is a better purpose in life and it will get you laid too ;)


Guys if you like what you read. Scroll down and leave your email for better and more exclusive content. There is more to come. I will keep on adding more and more free content. Get your free ebooks and if it is not enough. You can hire me and let me help you to find the inspiration you lack in your life. Cheers

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  • Sebastien Grynko
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