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What can I do when I am not inspired?


What can I do when I am not inspired?

What can I do when I am not inspired?

You have a discipline, a schedule? Just go through the motions, nothing is going to stop you. The ability to think even when you’re not feeling like doing it is very important,  especially for creative endeavors.


There is this myth of the inspired artist who only work when the insights come. Well,  I have got news for you.  Unless you’re the one in a million person,  you will not always have insights.


You need to set a schedule and keep on trying regularly. Put pen to paper if you are writer and brush to the canvas, etc

Be sure that there are days when nothing good comes out of your discipline. But what do you expect? Does everything you do is supposed to be worthy of the highest accolade?


No, you have to let a lot of shit come out before you find a gem. Don’t be discouraged.


Woody Allen said that most of success is just showing and to a certain extent, this is true. Though you need method and strategy,  showing up itself can get you really far.


For example, when I first started riding my scooter.  I couldn’t even turn to save my life but I needed to use the scooter daily to commute.


I would ride about 15-30 minutes a day with no particular method, strategy or even desire to become adept at it.


Lo and behold, after several days, I got really good at riding. I was not Valentino Rossi but I was good and really comfortable with it.


Same can be said about languages. With 30-60 minutes of daily exposure to a language you’re learning,  you will get better and better.


That’s how I learned languages. I realised eventually that I don’t have a method. Sometimes, when I am bored with the tedious learning of vocabulary, grammar, structure, I just put on a movie or randomly listen to some songs with subtitles and it sticks after a while.


The same goes with reading. 20 minutes of focus a day, everyday, will get you a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of just showing up especially when you don’t feel like it.


You know how it is you to wake up in the morning.  You are supposed to go to the gym but you feel sluggish and lazy. Take your ass to the gym!  For these are the moments when you feel defeated and you come out victorious!


Even if your session is shit. Go through the motions. Do your best and you know what happen when you come out of the workout?  The dopamine has been released through your nervous system so you’re feeling good.


And not only that, you have achieved a small victory over your lesser self.  These small victories are incredibly important and the little details will get you where you want to go. However hard your goals are.


Small incremental steps matter. Just do it. Slowly but surely. The compound effect is huge.


It applies to meditation as well. 10-15 minutes a day will set you up for better productivity and presence in your daily life.


My first task each morning when I woke up is to write and it can be a drag when I am not feeling so “inspired”.  Today was such a day, and yet I went through the motions and pumped out a decent article.


There is not much you can control in life but discipline is the thing that keeps you grounded and on track.  Regardless of the outcome, you did your best.  It is all about the journey and the process. Those little things that add up to build your vision. Stay focus. Stay persistent.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step at a time.

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  • Sebastien Grynko
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