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Sometimes doctors are wrong too


Sometimes doctors are wrong too

  • Akhiless Pratap
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Sometimes doctors are wrong too

One of my closest friend told me a story a few months. I was impressed and touched by it, so I felt the need to share it with the world.


My friend’s sister was trying to get pregnant but after months of trying, nothing was happening.


She decided to consult a doctor. The first one she met told her that her ovaries were not functioning well and it would be impossible for her to get pregnant.


She was distraught but she decided to get a second opinion, so she went to see a second doctor. Unfortunately the diagnosis was the same.


Not willing to give in, she went to see another one and another one then another one... Until she had seen 20 different doctors.


They all had the same opinion and they all told her that pregnancy for her, was impossible.

She still wanted to go see other doctors. The 21st doctor she met, told her that although, it was close to impossible for her to get pregnant, there was still a very, very slim chance that she might be able to bear a child.


My friend told her sister that this small piece of hope, is all you need to be focused on.


So her sister decided to follow my friend’s advice and decided to stay hopeful, positive and keep on trying to get pregnant.


Right before her wedding she bought a treatment to help her ovaries. She decided to start the treatment right after the wedding.


She got married, the ceremony went well and right the next day after the wedding. My friend went to see her sister.


They were in a room alone, just the two of them. The sister had something sparkling in her eyes. My friend looked at her and said :

“You are pregnant! Aren’t you ?”

And yes she was pregnant. She did not even need to start the treatment she had just bought a few days prior.


When the doctors first told her that she would not be able to get pregnant she was sad and desperate but she would not give up.


My friend supported her and gave her exactly the advice she needed. She told her to stay positive and never, ever give up hope.


Even though all the doctors had said it was impossible, she beat the odds, she got exactly was her heart desired.


Isn’t that beautiful ? The conventional world tells you that what you heart desires is impossible.


So-called experts tell you that your dreams are not achievable. Your goals are unrealistic, that there is little chance of you succeeding.


Yet time and time again, people achieve the impossible and change the status quo. Being realistic is fear disguised as practicality, that’s what Jim Carrey used to say.


Instead of listening to what the world outside tells us. Why not listen to the world inside. Why not trust our hearts and minds.


There is beauty in the attempt. Some of things we might achieve and some of things we might fail but why not try?


When you follow your heart, it is bound to break a few times but the lessons you learn and the person that you become, make it all worthwhile because you become more whole, caring, positive and wise.


The wisdom you have gained, often far outweighs the achievements. Those lessons you can impart, to others and future generations, are priceless.

Ajahn Brahm a famous foreign buddhist monk from the Uk, coined the phrase “being hopey”


Instead of looking at the future and seeing what might go wrong, which is fear, look at the future and see what might go right.


Don’t worry, be hopey and never give up hope and following your heart

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  • Akhiless Pratap
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