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Hope is the expectation of what we can't see


Hope is the expectation of what we can't see

  • Sebastien Grynko
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Hope is the expectation of what we can't see
Hope is the expectation of what we cannot see. It can empower individuals to pursue goals with the hope of achieving them.
There will always be a brighter side for a person who hopes for what he aims to do and what he wants to become.
Just take the example in the video, one person can change the world because of hope. When you start thinking of changing the world, live with hope.
But, really, how can a person cultivate hope with all of the impossibilities and failures abound in this world? Will there be a good reason to hope and how can we attain it?
This world plays a lot of game. When you think of the world as a training ground for what lies ahead, then, you are in the right track. But, a few reminders, though.
There will always be challenges before we try to change the world with a great hope. One must start a day and complete every tasks that were assigned to him. When you find it hard, never assume that all things can be successfully by one person alone.
Find help from the other people. This doesn’t mean you cannot do it well. You just need someone to guide you through the toughest of time. Respect every individual.
There will always be better or lesser person than you. You cannot look down one person nor humiliate yourself. Balance is a must. Life is full of surprises, challenges, and failures.
Always remember that you may fail many times, but success will follow soon. The very key to success is not to give up! When you are facing the toughest of times, lift up yourself, do the unexpected and achieve a successful life.
Always hope and be positive about what life has to take. When you this, life will be brighter.
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  • Sebastien Grynko
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