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Inspiration comes in words


Complete lecture on fear (Joseph Murphy, David Hawkins)


Complete lecture on fear (Joseph Murphy, David Hawkins)

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Complete lecture on fear (Joseph Murphy, David Hawkins)

Fear will play a role in your life. You get to choose how much of a role it will have in your life.

Jim Carrey

We talked about gratitude previously. We are now going to talk about it’s “evil opposite cousin” fear. Fear is a very low vibration, it’s not the lowest because fear still has a lot of energy as opposed to other vibrations of apathy, guilt, and shame.

Fear can run your life and pretty much ruin it. Fear is looking at the future and seeing all the things which might go wrong. Fear is not doing things you want to do because you fear what others might say. Fear at its very core boils down to survival.

We fear that we will lose everything and everybody and end up alone, destitute and depressed. That’s why we want to conform, that’s why we don’t after what we really want. That’s we stick to relationships that do not benefit us.

Fear oftentimes is paralysis by analysis. We see a girl. We are attracted to her but instead of acting we start thinking and she’s gone. Do the thing you fear and the fear is certain to disappear as Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

One excellent experiment is to let go of the fear of fear itself. When we stop being afraid of fear, we notice that it is just a feeling. In fact, fear is far more tolerable than depression. Surprisingly, to a person who has been in bad depression, the re-emergence of fear is welcomed. It is better to feel scared than hopeless.

To understand how fear is self-reinforcing, we have to stop and look at another one of the laws of consciousness: What one holds in mind tends to manifest. What this means is that any thought which we consistently hold in mind and consistently give energy to will tend to come into our life according to the very form in which our mind has held it. Thus, fear engenders fearful thoughts. The more we hold these thoughts in mind, the more likely the feared event will happen in our life, which again reinforces our fear.

As a medical intern, there was a fear of public speaking. At the very thought of getting up in front of medical colleagues to present a patient’s case, the voice would fail out of sheer fright. Because of holding that fear, the inevitable situation arose that necessitated having to present the case of a patient to the staff meeting. After reading a few paragraphs of the case history, the voice began to falter and get weaker and eventually stopped.

The very fear that had been held in mind came to pass and, of course, that occurrence reinforced fear of public speaking and brought on apathy about it. Henceforth, for many years, the limiting belief system operated: “I can’t speak in public. I’m just not a public speaker.” Any and all speaking occasions were avoided, with the consequent loss of self-esteem, avoidance of activities, and limitation of vocational goals.

As the years passed, the fear took a somewhat different form. The belief system was: “I don’t want to speak, because I might be a boring and bad speaker.” Finally, an occasion arose where it was necessary to speak in a public meeting. There was the opportunity to sit down and find the courage to face the fear.

The inner dialogue was: “What’s the worst possible thing that could happen? Well, you could be terribly boring.” This brought to mind all the boring speeches given by others, and then it became possible to accept that a boring speech was actually common and certainly not the end of the world.

There was a letting go of the pride and vanity behind that fear. Yes, it just might happen that the speech would be terribly boring. Watch the video and/or listen to the podcast for more.

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  • sebastien grynko
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